I don’t believe a single word of this: ISIS claims responsibility for London attack through an ISIS spokeperson of the ISIS news ageny “Amaq”. I would like to know who are these people of the ISIS news agency Amaq… | Daily Mail Online

I am a bit sceptical; ISIS news agency – that already sounds made in Hollywood – Amaq claims responsibility, showing they are bare bottomed in fact they haven’t got guns and explosive anymore a car and a kitchen knife it’s… Read More ›

London “terror” attack incredible coverage as if there had been a bomb: a “knifeman” attempted to “storm” the Houses of Parliament. Aren’t they ashamed of anything? What do they want to obtain with this no guns no bomb knife attack?

A knife attack is an aggression not terrorism, to do terrorism you need bombs, explosive, at least gun machines. No, the coverage is impressive, “gun shooting in front of Parliament”, but the only people who had guns were the police… Read More ›

Youtube refuses to take down this David Duke’s video accused of antisemitism, now, while the youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki has jewish orgins a lot of idiot goy “rightwingers” cry that it should be taken down…for antisemitism, I can’t stand them, till the point I’m wondering whether to abandon them and change life.

Up the incriminated video, David Duke who quotes jewish suprematists who state nonsense about their superiority and how they are leading the multicultural fight for ending white christian Europe, I mean, he’s quoting into quotation marks, till the point that… Read More ›

The EU is clearly being destroyed in Brussels, maybe by design to pave the way for the NWO, the “populists” are just an alibi. And look at the real human traffic in the Med. satellite evidences that it’s the lefty italian government…

I have two videos today, one mine and the other it’s of an italian vlogger I translated in english that shows the images taken from the satellite of the human traffic and shows how it’s definetley the italian authority doing… Read More ›

Egyptian Journalist Minimizes Holocaust Numbers, Argues Hitler’s Murder of Jews Was Justified. Before Hitler’s anti-jews laws the jews controlled 50% of the media and up to 70% of the judges in Germany plus promoted…gay culture.

An Egyptian journalist wrote an op-ed claiming that Hitler only murdered between 100,000-600,000 Jews – and not six million – and that he was justified in doing so because Jews had seized control of Germany, spreading pornography and homosexuality as… Read More ›

Corbyn is antisemite, Trump is antisemite, Malia Buatta is antisemite, actually the Jews accuse of antisemitism everybody who doesn’t obey them completely, included the ones who help them but without obeying them. Can you see it or not?

Why don’t the jews say thanks to Trump? Because in their opinion the goym should be their slaves. Corbyn is against Israel and pro Palestine but likes english jews who are not double nationals, Trump is strongly pro Israel but doesn’t… Read More ›