Briefly, the italian, spanish or irish immigrants there were in the past DID NOT take one cent in benefits by the welfare state, they had to work hard from day 2. What the left wants to do now is relocating people at taxpayers’ expenses.

To be clear to the dumb people who say “we were always a nation of immigrants” I want to re-mark that what Soros and the Globalists are trying to do now is NOT fucking normal immigration, so don’t talk to… Read More ›

Richard Spencer’s speech at Aubrun shows that Narcisism is a great quality. Other than a great sin. He likes himself more than he likes the others, he relishes being scandalous, like this, the leftists are over.

The leftists are the bigots – who want censorship – and the Alt-Right is the scandalous young men, it’s the reverse situation than in the seventies. Richard Spencer in Aubrun was a classic It’s even ridiculous that  the University wanted… Read More ›

Israel has nuclear weapons and some of these are targeted at Europe. The “Samson option” is when Israel is threatened with destruction it will nuke European cities in revenge for not supporting Israel. This is no fiction.

I found this comment on my previous post, thanks LarryZB, no, I mean read it, the poor Jews victims of the holocaust: I don’t add anything to this. If not that all humanity should gather to destroy Israel, the dual… Read More ›

The Anglo-Jews are clowns and buffoons and they go on lying: Bashar al-Assad still has ‘hundreds of tonnes’ of chemicals stockpiled – like Saddam probably – former Syrian weapons research chief claims

To see the Britons losing their reputation and getting enslaved by the jewish israeli component of society was unthinkable till 20 years ago, now they lie on behalf of Israel and without even being Jews themselves, they behave in a… Read More ›

How much do you bet that also this KLM, Fighting Xenophobia group is owned by Rothschild-Soros and some other fucking Jews? Marine Le Pen’s campaign HQ target of ‘arson attack’

Marine Le Pen’s campaign headquarters were targeted in an arson attack, causing minor damage to the building and prompting the Front National candidate to blame leftist groups. Marine, when you’re President remember that all these far leftists groups, all, but… Read More ›

Why don’t westerners understand that the Jews form an independent group that must be stripped of the dual nationality and eventually sent to Israel, require them to stop breaking the balls. ‘Are you saying Jews weren’t innocent?’: Sean Spicer’s apology for Holocaust gaffe backfires

Now the Jews want the head of Spicer too. Strip them of the dual nationality and send them to Israel to never allow them to break the balls to the westerners again. I can’t stand these people. What they really… Read More ›

Read this, when I say that you might seriously think about not allowing Jews in the room, they have too a strong group identity and break down the other groups. Court Jew Triumphant: Sources Claim That Bannon And Priebus May Be Fired And Replaced By Jews – Occidental Dissent

Steve Bannon sacked for telling Trump not to bomb Syria while the jewish identity prevails and tries to take over the White House. Before reading the article I have to suggest to all power groups if you’re not a Jew… Read More ›