I am against the amnesty for clandestine immigrants, because in Mexico there is no war and they behave in an uncivil way that reduced Mexico to be the poor country attached to California, same weather but different rules, justify the mexican way of life and you’ll end up like them.

I am particularly concerned at the threat that Donald Trump makes the amnesty for the mexicans, because Mexico is the poor country attached to California, now if Mexico is poor and the USA are rich is basically NOT for the… Read More ›

This CIA-NSA Vs. Trump feud must end.Trump must not criticize them on twitter and I understand the irritation, but they must not take orders by former presidents or whatever else politicians or banker and co. If Trump doesn’t want to remove Assad and is pro peace with Russia they must follow the orders.

In this feud Trump vs CIA I can see the two of them have done their wrongs, yes it’s true the POTUS shouldn’t criticize the secret services on twitter but this attitude that Trump is not obeyable must cease, these… Read More ›

When Harry Met Trump: at this point I almost want that the UK had an idiot as PM instead of Theresa May and they REALLY cancelled the US President’s official visit. Come on, cancel it. Prince Harry is ‘not a fan’ of Donald Trump claims report | Daily Mail Online

New Harry’s lost face: from brave soldier and good hunter to  friend of the living rhinos, engaged to a yoga obsessed celebrity, when will he tell us he’s vegetarian? When will he reveal he can’t understand us bad meat-eaters? This… Read More ›

Netanyahu is linear thinking: he approves of Trump’s wall, ’cause he did it and says it works. I try to give voice to linear thinking Jews, like this we ‘ll find an agreement. Unless he’s mixed with the refugee crisis.

At least Netanyahu, who has some problems at home with the judges, also in Israel, the judges, like Berlusconi in Italy, Fillon in France… they can form the persecuted by the leftwing judges club. Well in all this judges story… Read More ›

Obama and leftists totally unpresentable: Obama did the same as Trump in 2011 and the leftists don’t even know it. Nigel Farage lists the times the leftists did the same as Trump while the informed press must put a bit of rationality in all this mess. Please.

Some headlines are a bit embarrassing…why should the Queen be in a “difficult position” in welcoming Trump after having welcomed Obama who actually did the same? And moreover bombed Libya? The press must wake up. This is an “I beg your… Read More ›