This section focuses on the actions of right wing politicians throughout the West to restore it.

Fillon Fillon, Fillon LePen or LePen LePen, these must be your intention to vote dear French, tell the pollsters, tell the judges tell the EU parliament that ordered the raid of the FN headquarter; be proud of it, take back France, France is yours.

If I were a French I’d be waiting for the pollster to ask me: “For whom do you intend to vote, Miss Distilo?” certainly I’d answer “First turn LePen, second turn LePen or between Fillon Macron, Fillon, or I may say… Read More ›

Dear Mark – Rutte – have you seen that Amnesty International condemned your letter “Act normally or leave”? First, what does make Amnesty think they can judge the others? Second, make the alliance with Wilders, the leftists would treat you like him, or like Fortuyn or like Theo Van Gogh, if they could…

Moderate right wing, centrist politicians must get it: the enemy is the Left not the Right, Hard Right or Far Right the way you say it. After the letter of Rutte to the Dutch as a call for integration, Amnesty International… Read More ›

Fillon just closed the gap with Macron. Yesterday’s polls: LePen 26%, Fillon and Macron both 18.5% so it’s absurd he has to step down now…but his wife’s got something I don’t like: she is “the bitch”.

I don’t like Penelope Kathryn Fillon, she is the real enemy, now Fillon had done in reality something a lot of senators do, to hire family members as “personal assistants” which in France is legal, in France it is even… Read More ›

Dear Mark, it’s about time you deal with Wilders, put your cards on the table and dictate the alliance’s conditions, Geert Wilders is “exaggerated” but in a coalition gov. he would have only 30% of what he wants and that 30% you may want it too.

The problem with Wilders is that he sounds exaggerated other than Moroccan-obsessive and I understand Rutte that does not want to form a government with him, but only till a certain point. In Holland the establishment must not downplay illegal… Read More ›

That’s what a populist looks like! – Proud Marine LePen’s official electoral video and she gathered astonishing level of votes among the arabs who don’t want burqas and Qatar’s financed mosques and a high level of former communists’ vote. In English for YOU.

Muslims and communists vote Le Pen. The second- and third-generation immigrants and some former French Communists will vote for Marine Le Pen. At first glance it would seem a historical oxymoron, however, everything fits perfectly with what is happening around the… Read More ›