This section focuses on the actions of right wing politicians throughout the West to restore it.

The attitude towards Marine LePen must not be “she’ll win ’cause the people are fed up, it’s not my fault” it must be “She must win because she’s the best and I support her”. You want Brexit? Then you want the nation-state, to feel superior to LePen or the czech “neo-nazis” is wrong.

No, the Globalists are not creating “a better world” and the czech “neo-nazis” are right; we want the Nation State, you want the Nation-State as in Switzerland as Marine LePen, the attitude of some Britons to want Brexit for themselves… Read More ›

What’s between the Establishment and the EDL? I failed to upload a video about the EDL 4 or 5 times until I dropped the idea and still I cannot find it so upsetting, if not that I said that the EDL like the NPD is full of cops in disguise…but that was notorious.

I am a bit defeated inside; which happens to me very rarely, but the day before yesterday I dedicated one of mine one girl show to the “truancy and the EDL” basically even if I respect a lot people who… Read More ›