Don’t you fool yourselves with the story that the Left is aggressively “anti-fascist” They were more against Fillon than they were against LePen, always illegally, they just want to grab power.

I’m afraid some of the innocents “anti-fascists” are fooling themselves with the thought that the Left, or the Socialists, included Macron who’s the real candidate of the Socialists so much that in fact both Valls and Hollande backed him and… Read More ›

Why I believe that France IS a banana republic. For the first time France would have voted very differently than Donzy where LePen took 28% and Macron around 21% with the socialist mason mafia running the palaces and the fake terror attacks. I believe they rigged it.

No, I don’t believe the official results, for the first time France and Donzy do not mirror one another, in the bellwether town LePen ultra-won with more than 28% and Macron was second with less than 21%, adding that the… Read More ›

Is there really someone who thinks this is being done by the Islamists against Marine LePen? A polling station evacuated after the bomb squad examined a suspicious vehicle. Leading candidates cast their votes in the French election | Daily Mail Online

Is there really someone who thinks that all this fuss about the presidential elections is being done by the Islamists? As more than 50,000 police and gendarmes were deployed in France, a polling station is evacuated after the bomb squad examined… Read More ›