The DUP deal must be done, particularly after the LibDem made Tim Farron step down for he’s against gay weddings; Tory-LibDem is too offensive for the real conservatives and at that point the Queen may shock everybody asking Corbyn to form “Her” government.

“Theresa May’s deputy has cast doubt on whether the Tories will be able to do a deal with the Democratic Unionist Party to prop up a minority government as the Prime Minister prepares to unveil her Queen’s Speech.” Quite, they… Read More ›

Updated Version: Theresa May must go on with DUP to save the UK’s interests. It is obvious that Gerry Adams doesn’t want to benefit from his UK citizenship’s rights, he cannot impose to the Protestants a second class citizenship saying DUP should not govern.

I stick to the point that Catholics have the same rights as Protestants in the UK and that Jacob Rees Mogg, Ian Duncan Smith, the Duke Michael of Kent are all Catholics perfectly patriots and very well off and inside… Read More ›

Peter Mandelson already up in arms claiming DUP is “sectarian” and “potentially dangerous”. Sectarian said by a Jew is like an ox calling cuckhold the ass; as for “potentially dangerous” yes, of course, they keep Northern Ireland in the UK, what’s more dangerous than this?

“Potentially dangerous” and “sectarian” the judgement of Peter Mandelson about DUP, I hadn’t written my own positive post about them that he already was thinking the very opposite for the very same reasons. The die hard Jews who claim Israel for… Read More ›