Let’s talk about Reality: Fillon’s rallies are full and Macron gets heckled by the Mayors and the “polls” give numbers that don’t match, unless they are “under the cloak”. The Republicans and FN better watch carefully on election day, I wouldn’t like the same people who rig the polls to try and rig also the real elections.

Macron HECKLED during HOSTILE mayors meeting in MAJOR boost for Marine Le Pen FRENCH presidential hopeful Emmanuel Macron took a hammering from a crowd of mayors as they voiced their disgust at his public spending proposals. Democracy must be defended,… Read More ›

Orly Terror Attack, another show of Valls’ and Hollande’s incompetence. While Macron would just continue their non-work, Fillon is blocked by the “Justice” because a friend gave him a suit as a present – I’m not joking – the only safety car for France seems to be the LePen Family.

Another terror attack in France. I’ll put it back to politics soon; it’s definitely Hollande’s Valls’ and that imbecile of interior minister Cazeneuve’s fault. In Germany, Britain, Italy, Spain it’s not like this: these things don’t happen, it’s definetely this… Read More ›

Emmanuel Macron: “French culture does not exist”. While Emmanuel Macron goes into full NWO mode, Fillon’s process gets embarrassing and at end the best thing the French can do is to really vote LePen. And I mean it.

Emmanuel Macron is more embarrassing than ever, he’s playing the full NWO candidate, he even said: “French culture does not exist”, “You cannot reduce it to a lineage, a religion, a word – which means a language ed.notes -” then… Read More ›

Can you spot what the french lefty media are doing with Macron? They even show his photograph more coloroured than the others that look grey. This is Paris Match, moreover they do not talk about the scandal that he gave taxpayers’ funded job to his supporter Bolloré without a tender the way they did with Fillon.

Look at this photograph; why everybody looks grey but Macron? This is Paris Match; other than trying to make him look fresher and more coloured than the others, don’t you believe it is natural, the other photographs are vired to… Read More ›

Macron investigated for giving public money funded contract to a private firm owned by his supporter Yannick Bolloré without a call to tender. His Ministry gave the contract to Havas without allowing other firms to participate, Havas is ownwed by Yannick Bolloré a B’Nai B’Rith man, the powerful jewish lobby that’s pushing Macron’s presidential bid…

Macron investigated for giving public money funded contract to his own political Godfather Yannick Bolloré’s firm Havas for an event funded by his Ministry in Las Vegas where no other firm was allowed to participate to the tender, because there… Read More ›