Maurizio Blondet

ISIS is all around Israel because it is probably an israeli creation. End of. The wall Israel’s building robs christian owners of vineyards, why should we help the Israelis and not the Arab Christians?

Source by Maurizio Blondet February 25, 2017 0 “The wall of Caiaphas does not shock the West”* “Just beyond the southern edge of Jerusalem, where the city goes almost to merge with Bethlehem, it continues unstoppable – near the settlement of Gilo –… Read More ›

Dear Readers, I couldn’t believe the Jews could really be so double faced, but please read this: they do the military service for Israel, kill Palestinians, then go back to France and support the anti LePen’s parties for they “love diversity”. It’s an enemy inside the State. All facts-checked, all proven.

Ms Le Pen “wants to deny the Israeli passport to French Jews”. Anger by Giuliano Ferrara. Maurizio Blondet 11 February 2017 I listen to a morning press event, and I hear the growl, the angry rattle to delirium by Giuliano Ferrara,… Read More ›