Karlsruhe High Court speaks out: the NPD cannot be prohibited because…it’s too unsuccessful to threaten democracy. So to prohibit it would be against free speech while to prohibit a Party in Germany it has to threaten the democratic institutions.

The sentence is nice, to prohibit the NPD would be against free speech and in Germany a Party can be prohibited only if it threatens the democratic institutions which thing the NPD doesn’t get near doing it, because basically ever… Read More ›

Three years for kicking an effing immigrant in a crowd of invaders? Is the immigrant a holy cow? Excuse me, stupid judges, but it was the immigrants who were having a disorderly behaviour! How many years do you give them?

The news of three years probation to a journalist for kicking a migrant would make the immigrants the holy cows of society; this must be repealed, a kick can never be worthy jail and as for the disorderly behaviour it… Read More ›

I still believe in a good Germany. German judges, don’t do like the italians. Look at the devastating result. NPD is more positive than AfD that without Islam wouldn’t even exist and it is considered controlled opposition.

This poster was exposed by the VigilantCitizen as a sign that, as usual with the one eye covered posture, the phenomenon is illuminati-controlled. This is the theory that this pretty useless AfD, useless basically because there is the NPD –… Read More ›

Judge in Madrid wants to arrest Netanyahu for something Spain has got nothing to do with. Lefty Judges in Italy blocked politically Berlusconi for four years. Judges in the UK block the repatriation of the illegals. Judges in the USA “legalize” gay weddings against the citizens’ will. There’s a problem with the Judges.

We have a global problem with the judges: judges do not make the law and must not use the judicial system politically. Lately they break the rules, and legalize, condemn, block politically whomever and whatever they like saying: “It’s in… Read More ›