White Social Justice Warrior Dies at Hands of Black Killer – Dear white leftists, save yourselves till you can, turn Right-wing. A lefty colleague of the dead girl said “blacks have no expectations for life, why should whites have?” And that’s your comrades…

Corrinna Mehiel was slaughtered by a black she wanted helplessly like a lefty idiot to help, but the most chilling detail is the statement of a lefty colleague of hers “blacks have no expectations for life, why should whites have?”… Read More ›

I despise Obama for this, the black president has no right to open the border of the nation, he is a traitor. Central Americans surge north hoping to reach US before Donald Trump’s inauguration

I hope Obama to be prosecuted for Treason, nothing gives a f*****g black president the right to abolish the boundary line with Mexico. Make no Amnesty, Obama disgusts me. Democrats will never win again and clandestine immigration must be prosecuted…. Read More ›

This happens because Renzi’s government is clueless: he tries to obey the Trilateral Commission and the globalists, doesn’t know where to take the money and tries to avoid the italians who hate him. Violence between locals and migrants shut down Turin after explosions and barricades |

This happens when you take immigrants from Africa, all men as you can see, who want money from the government as you can hear from their own voice and the italians are fed up and want to hang Renzi. These… Read More ›

Stop taking immigrants and repatriate the ones who haven’t got the nationality yet, there’s evidently no other way. Violent clashes erupt in the Netherlands over ‘blacked up’ childrens’ Christmas parade | World | News | Daily Express

The immigrants have already set up an immigrants’s party that says it’s the Dutch who should adapt to the immigrants’s culture, so get over it: you Dutch must stop taking immigrants and repatriate all the ones who haven’t got the… Read More ›

Obama strikes again: Refugees in Australia’s remote camps offered US resettlement – The former President of the USA goes on spitting in people’s face: the americans don’t want any refugee resettlement and are against the NWO he must respect them.

The Left must never be back in power, they go on till the end taking “refugees” and immigrants like human traffickers against the will of the citizens; they must send these refugees to Africa and Asia. Renzi, Obama and the… Read More ›

Why don’t the French stop saying “Send the immigrants to England”? Send them to Africa instead, they’re not british. and you voted for the socialists, the Britons voted Tories. Take your political responsibility, now, you could have voted LePen.

I’ll be brief, but I’ll be clear. The french make me sick, they vote for the socialists instead of voting LePen and then want to “send the immigrants to England” well, not only these immigrants are not Britons that you… Read More ›

Germany wants to STOP refugees from reaching Europe as the country continues to struggle. But they must stop telling them we give them visas, we don’t want them, I don’t want to live with these people and deport the ones who are here. Forza Trump| Daily Mail Online

We all appreciate that in Germany they have started talking about deporting migrants and bringing them back to Africa, but they must not promise any visa relaxation. I don’t want to live with all these muslims here, Tony Blair brought… Read More ›