Why I had to defend Dijsselbloem. Because what the Illuminati really want is to prohibit Raymond Chandler. These are people who promote sodomy, want to lower the age of consent, don’t give a damn about poverty in Greece but an adult cannot refer to “Nighthawks” life…

The people who criticize Dijsselbloem for the alcohol and women comment, be careful, are not puritan, it’s people who promote sodomy and try to make it fashionable, ask to lower when not to abolish the age of consent and didn’t… Read More ›

Beyond Infowars. “Liberal Elites” are no liberals and no Elites: they are slaves. They CANNOT really choose, this is why there is the chinese-democracy-level unanimity in Hollywood. What does make you think Madonna is an intellectual?

I want to comment on an interesting video posted by Infowars reporters, about why the “liberal elites in Hollywood” don’t condemn Berkeley’s violence and they call for a “military coup” to overthrow Trump…You may think the big thing is Hollywood… Read More ›

Don’t be scared to be pro-Brexit and against Globalization: the globalists, if you saw them, you would feel superior to them. All the roads of globalization bring to Rome and disgusting catholic gay clergy who hide and pretend and humanly they are a failure.

 When Alex Jones says “Hillary you are a devil worshipper” or “the globalists are devil worshippers” some may think he’s saying “devil worshipper” to insult. No. He means devil worshipper. He skips the jewish lobby only because he has some… Read More ›

Dear Stephen Pollard of the Telegraph so concerned about anti-semitism online, in the last 20 years were there more jews, more christians or more muslims killed? Answer: more muslims.

In Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Gaza and Syria there have been literally millions of muslims killed by good christian soldiers and jews, nonetheless any time a honest person raises questions about the legality or legitimacy of all these killings and bombings… Read More ›

Rothschild and the other zionists want to get rid of the non zionist powerful ones. This is all Panama Leak is about. It might be even a revenge for sealing off the greek borders.

Panama Papers’ scandal; International Consortium of Investigative Journalists “unmasks” a group of powerful people who avoided taxes through an off-shore firm named “Mossack Fonseca” founded by an ex-nazi etc. But who are the powerful people and who are the supposedly… Read More ›