The Jews are getting angry, but the leaders of the hated Left are all ashkenazi Jews related to Israel, and it shows, if then the real leaders are satanic Jesuits they must reveal it, as far as we can see on top there’s always a Jew. – Videos –

Lately I took the habit to call openly the Jews as leaders of the most hated Left, because on top of the lefty hierarchy there are ashkenazi Jews, often related to the State of Israel, here’s the video where I say… Read More ›

Another expert comes out and says it’s true it’s the Italian State, the catholic Vatican-related associations and the EU that are bringing about the invasion of Europe willingly not applying the often invoked rule of law. Dutch engineer and data analysis expert Taco Dankers says.

Gefira is another website worthy adding to my blogroll; it stands for Global Analysis from the European Perspective. Preparing for the World of Tomorrow. It’s a oh dutch think tank with a software engineer and professional data analyst as an… Read More ›

The only striking thing in this article is how Sir King talks as if Britain were part of the EU and should continue… “Terrorists don’t respect borders. So all of Europe needs to work together to stop them” Julian King says…but we’re waiting for Trump to help Farage kick you all out of there.

I’m irritated by this article by Sir Julian King, british EU commissioner for security, he talks as if Britain were  a part of the EU and should continue to be such; he’s in his mind “preparing” us to the great… Read More ›

EU like China: EU Threatens Action if Facebook ‘Hate Speech’ Not Censored. God please make me convince the other Italians to leave this EU. And you can see more of the reason why the man of the year is really Zuckerberg.

Very little to add, read the Breitbart article linked below: as you can see we have more than one reason to elect man of the year Zuckerberg as the guardian of the internet free speech, the EU is astonishingly like… Read More ›