Meghan yes, Meghan no. I don’t know whether I’d like a man to treat me like Harry is treating Meghan Markle. She’s treated almost like a secret lover. Meghan Markle sat apart from Harry, and waiters were models

The role of MeghanMarkle is still unclear, no photographs of the couple together, even though he Harry was photographed in the past together with many ex girlfriends, now he’s more private. She didn’t even attend the post function champagne reception, she’s… Read More ›

Now we know they’re all crazy: Prince William, Lady Gaga, Harry, Diana, the Telegraph journalist who snorted cocaine, basically all; this is why the establishment is like this, get rid of them: ‘Feeling sad and going on stage is hard’ says Lady Gaga in video with Duke of Cambridge

The real sane one in all this is probably David Icke, the british american establishment is made up of crazy guys: they’re all in this together, drop them. And after this mega support by the heir to the throne to… Read More ›

This is emotionally cruel: best friends cannot be banned. Unless it is an excuse not to have the little Prince “used” by manipulative parents of best friends. Prince George to attend private day school where best friends are ‘banned’

Little Prince George goes to school, but this rule that best friends are banned is simply emotionally cruel and anti-natural, best friends, forming groups, a rival and a mate it’s all natural. I disagree with this “norm”, it’s too “communist”,… Read More ›

When Harry Met Trump: at this point I almost want that the UK had an idiot as PM instead of Theresa May and they REALLY cancelled the US President’s official visit. Come on, cancel it. Prince Harry is ‘not a fan’ of Donald Trump claims report | Daily Mail Online

New Harry’s lost face: from brave soldier and good hunter to  friend of the living rhinos, engaged to a yoga obsessed celebrity, when will he tell us he’s vegetarian? When will he reveal he can’t understand us bad meat-eaters? This… Read More ›

“No Waterboarding” Part II – when the real problem is that the guilty one is deemed untouchable; Jimmy Savile wasn’t arrested because everybody knew about him but he was deemed untouchable and so on for many other crimes also related to Terror.

Jimmy Savile was never arrested for being a multiple boy and child rapists not because the BBC staff wasn’t waterboarded enough into confessing, they confessed, they knew, the police knew too, but he was deemed untouchable because he was deeply… Read More ›