Freemasonry IS shit and must be fought against and defeated all the way, without freemasonry there wouldn’t be any mass immigration and the jewish lobby wouldn’t have all that power. “Why the Freemasons deserved the Victoria Cross for their bravery in WW1” Shitty article by the Telegraph.

Freemasonry is the only thing that manages to disgust me more than the direct jewish lobby. Because it’s a way through which the traitors bring the non jews to serve the jews and their banks and weaken the nation they… Read More ›

Now we know they’re all crazy: Prince William, Lady Gaga, Harry, Diana, the Telegraph journalist who snorted cocaine, basically all; this is why the establishment is like this, get rid of them: ‘Feeling sad and going on stage is hard’ says Lady Gaga in video with Duke of Cambridge

The real sane one in all this is probably David Icke, the british american establishment is made up of crazy guys: they’re all in this together, drop them. And after this mega support by the heir to the throne to… Read More ›

The Holocaust memorials are the way the Jews use to mark their territories, like cats and dogs use “territorial pissing” it’s a way of saying: “here we rule, it’s ours”. The Romans used the Arcs of Triumph, but that was another civilization.

The Anglo-Jews use building holocaust memorials in towns to simply mark their territories, to state “here we rule, it’s ours” and it’s bad taste, it’s cemeteries in the middle of towns, ugly, unpleasant they have never built any art, they… Read More ›

White Social Justice Warrior Dies at Hands of Black Killer – Dear white leftists, save yourselves till you can, turn Right-wing. A lefty colleague of the dead girl said “blacks have no expectations for life, why should whites have?” And that’s your comrades…

Corrinna Mehiel was slaughtered by a black she wanted helplessly like a lefty idiot to help, but the most chilling detail is the statement of a lefty colleague of hers “blacks have no expectations for life, why should whites have?”… Read More ›

Why I had to defend Dijsselbloem. Because what the Illuminati really want is to prohibit Raymond Chandler. These are people who promote sodomy, want to lower the age of consent, don’t give a damn about poverty in Greece but an adult cannot refer to “Nighthawks” life…

The people who criticize Dijsselbloem for the alcohol and women comment, be careful, are not puritan, it’s people who promote sodomy and try to make it fashionable, ask to lower when not to abolish the age of consent and didn’t… Read More ›