Osborne’s London Evening Standard looks like it was written 2 years ago and never refreshed: people are still against Brexit because “it’s racist” Michael Gove praises “diversity” and it is against Trump. While we are much beyond this and focusing on Marine LePen at the Elysée’s option.

I took a glance at the London Evening Standard’s homepage to see how Osborne was doing and it was boring beyond belief and even looked outdated: I mean, Brexit happened and the Queen has already signed the brexit bill, if… Read More ›

Emmanuel Macron: “French culture does not exist”. While Emmanuel Macron goes into full NWO mode, Fillon’s process gets embarrassing and at end the best thing the French can do is to really vote LePen. And I mean it.

Emmanuel Macron is more embarrassing than ever, he’s playing the full NWO candidate, he even said: “French culture does not exist”, “You cannot reduce it to a lineage, a religion, a word – which means a language ed.notes -” then… Read More ›

Can you spot what the french lefty media are doing with Macron? They even show his photograph more coloroured than the others that look grey. This is Paris Match, moreover they do not talk about the scandal that he gave taxpayers’ funded job to his supporter Bolloré without a tender the way they did with Fillon.

Look at this photograph; why everybody looks grey but Macron? This is Paris Match; other than trying to make him look fresher and more coloured than the others, don’t you believe it is natural, the other photographs are vired to… Read More ›

Don’t you tell me to focus on Italy and not on France, Holland etc. this is Freeword and Friends World, not Freeword and Friends Italy, and btw I didn’t study three foreign languages to focus on my small garden, We are Right-wing tendency Imperialist, yes, we want all the West, you guessed.

Don’t you tell me to focus on Italy and not on France, Holland etc. this is Freeword and Friends World, not Freeword and Friends Italy, pay attention to the words: “free word”, “friends” and “world”, got it? And more… positivist,… Read More ›

The Jews are getting angry, but the leaders of the hated Left are all ashkenazi Jews related to Israel, and it shows, if then the real leaders are satanic Jesuits they must reveal it, as far as we can see on top there’s always a Jew. – Videos –

Lately I took the habit to call openly the Jews as leaders of the most hated Left, because on top of the lefty hierarchy there are ashkenazi Jews, often related to the State of Israel, here’s the video where I say… Read More ›

The reasons why Penelope Fillon is not backing the husband may be personal, she can choose whether to do like Jackie Kennedy or divorce or keep him and be faithful, but she should not sacrifice France for a personal revenge. Macron is another socialist which would mean another 5 years of debts and riots.

I’ve got my own impression that Penelope is damaging the husband for a personal revenge. What is it? A lover? he sleeps around? Also Kennedy used to do like this and Jaqueline wanted to divorce then she was stopped by… Read More ›