I understand the shock for the video where I want to start beheading Royals & Co. But I’ve got the impression Royals and various elites are in a coalition with the refugees against us. We, in their opinion, should bow to the refugees and bow to them. If they think I do this, they’re crazy.

Paola’s bad. Maybe. But I’ve got the impression the Royals, at least some of them, the elites, whatever they are, they formed a sort of coalition with the poor refugees and muslim invaders against us European Christians in the middle…. Read More ›

Meghan yes, Meghan no. I don’t know whether I’d like a man to treat me like Harry is treating Meghan Markle. She’s treated almost like a secret lover. Meghan Markle sat apart from Harry, and waiters were models

The role of MeghanMarkle is still unclear, no photographs of the couple together, even though he Harry was photographed in the past together with many ex girlfriends, now he’s more private. She didn’t even attend the post function champagne reception, she’s… Read More ›

I detest doing this. Gianvito Rossi didn’t like Serena Williams, maybe because she looks like a man, other black and non white feminine women were welcome. And people with money must stop begging for free items. Someone must pay these shoes or they can change the price.

Someone must pay the shoes, they probably do the celebrity discount only to celebrity they think they are fashionable, sexy, feminine, let’s say that Serena Williams is masculine and moreover is this celebrity discount obligatory? At that point they can… Read More ›