Angela Merkel wants Hard Brexit, the discussion is over, put tariffs and the german car industry will finally sack her to put an intelligent person in her place. You’re over, Angela. – Angela Merkel slams Theresa May demands free movement or UK will get nothing | World | News |

“THE President of France Emmanuel Macron and Chancellor Angela Merkel have made it clear they are the European Union’s new power couple as they threaten Theresa May over Brexit.” May I ask the at least to stop saying nonsense?… Read More ›

This gives you the dimension of the power of Britain: 3 million EU citizens living in the UK and only 1 million UK citizens living in all the rest of Europe. Moreover the UK citizens usually do not take money from the welfare of the other countries while the EU citizens in the UK do. Aka the EU is third world.

How can you possibly be “bullied” by people so much weaker than you? Theresa May is too kind and the Britons are getting tired, look at the numbers: 3 millions EU citizens living in the UK and only 1 million… Read More ›

Hammond has no mandate for a soft Brexit, the mandate is to take control on immigration, borders and to strike new trade deals; And Grenfell Tower tragedy is NOT Downing Street’s fault, it’s the Townhall of London’s fault. They always put the blame on the wrong authority.

Civic education must be mandatory; people must know which authority is responsible for what; what kind of citizen can really put the blame on the national government for a council housing firing in London? It’s the reverse of accusing Sadiq… Read More ›