Theresa May’s and Angela Merkel’s governments are not centre-Right as they should; you are even picking up economic migrants in the Med with your navy and bringing them to Italy, what’s the point in talking about protecting borders? At least the UK since it is leaving could give up.


British navy ships with military personnel take migranst and bring them to Italy. First or later they’ll say you’ll have to take them to Britain.

I detest both Theresa May and Angela Merkel, ’cause they were elected in supposedly centre-right-wing Parties and talk about protecting our borders but, against the will of their voters, both in Germany and Britain they gave orders to the british and german navy to pick up migrants in the Med and bring them to Italy, shutting up to their own citizens that they are actively participating in the Kalergy Plan to fill Europe with black or asian people. Because this is the real mission of Frontex, this is what Frontex, Britain and Germany and Norway included, are doing.

Tell me the reason to stand and tell the citizens “We must protect our borders and make the difference between economic migrants who must be repatriated and refugees” when you do actively pick them up in the Med? It’s only a way to keep the voters calm, at least the UK could withdraw from Frontex because you are leaving the EU so please spare me this dirty collaboration in the invasion of Italy that’s already on the brink.

Gentiloni lied to the Italians too in a shameless way; first asked in change of the acceptance of a fallimentar budget that all the immigrants are brought to Italy and then asked that the immigrants are redistributed among all the EU member states. What’s the real point in all this? Can’t he simply say: “You Germans, Norwegians and Britons, if you pick up people in the Med bring them to Germany, Norway and Britain” no he has to tell everybody “bring them here to Italy” – an Italy that’s already bankrupt btw – and then wants to redistribute them to the others as if it had a sense. This is their Kalergy plan, with the NGOs allowed to have secret donations, which is unacceptable, can political parties have secret donations? No, and why should NGOs’ donors be secret then? A foreign nation that wants to disrupt Italy and wants no refugees on its territory what right can it have to help migrants being brought everywhere to Italy but doesn’t want them near its own territory? I know it’s mainly Gentiloni’s fault, but you Right wing Britons and Germans and Norwegians can pressure your governments at least to withdraw from Frontex and leave Italy in  peace? Or first or later they’ll manage to say you have to take your supposed “fair share” of blacks and asians too because you are too white and the whites God knows they are Nazis. Give me a hand, pull down May and Merkel. And then the Tories rebel, of course they do. The Tories in Britain are the Right, they’re against mass immigration, against illegal immigration and sovereignists, Theresa May is doing the opposite. You are leaving the EU, do me a favour, withdraw from Frontex ’cause I know no one is obliged in participating, in fact Poland and Hungary God bless them don’t participate, don’t you bring migrants to my home. And pull Theresa May and Merkel down. I hope the EU closes.

Any country, fucking Israel for the first, that does not want migrants on its territory, what right does it have to bring migrants to Italy? Stop all this. And repatriate them to Africa, these people do not run away from any libyan war, we can help Haftar and Serraj take care of them and take care also of the “volunteers” of the NGOs, particularly the israelis, In Italy I want no one.

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