Kilamba the town in Angola built by the Chinese is waiting for us to send the refugees and immigrants there. That’s a great solution.


It’s all empty but functional, in the middle the low buildings are the schools and other centre of the town facilities, maybe the townhall I can’t say, and then the apartments around. It’s real it’s not a computer rendering.

There is a big question in the world: why are the Chinese building empty towns in Africa? New towns with apartments, schools, highways etc but there are no inhabitants. I suppose the Chinese had a vision: the Europeans will have to send somewhere the illegal refugees and immigrants flooding into Europe or a) they’ll disappear as Europeans, b) they’ll have to make these people starve away and they will think their Jesus will send them to hell. Therefore they started building towns in Africa. Look at the video:

In the end, we Right-wingers win the elections all across Europe and settle the refugees to Kilamba. The angolan government seem quite modern and the towns look weird but they also look like they are built according to good rules, I’m not an urbanists but the Chinese build according to the rules. Maybe we are saved. Let’s send these people to Kilamba.

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