Can YOU pass this intelligence test? | Daily Mail Online – Yes, I did. Both. Fuck you leftists!

Dearest Readers, you can be proud of me, everytime the s***y leftists tell you that we right-wingers are some sort of ignorant etc. stupid because we don’t appreciete their multicultural society etc. you can tell them “My Paola, far right intellectual, solved the DailyMail test for intelligent people” and I give you then answer here:

First solution is 40 because they do like this:

1+5=5 and that’s it; then they add the result 5 to the next line 2+5 so the answer is 21 because they do


then they add 12+3+6=21

then they add 21+8+11=40

The second solution, it took a little longer but just a tad, it was like this

they do the multiplication instead of the addition of the two numbers and then add the first, so





Ok, you are clever too because you read me. Vote right-wing and destroy the so called illuminati.


The test, created by Go Tumble and shared on Wikr, asks users to ‘think outside the box’ by working out two different but correct answers to a series of equations.

Source: Can YOU pass this intelligence test? | Daily Mail Online

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