Our disgrace starts with Ivanhoe when the Britons decided their role in the world was to “protect” the jewish moneylender aka usurer banker, probably Scott was a mason, in the end the hero does not marry the jewish rich girl and it’s the only good thing he does.


Ivanhoe, the white idiot who “defends” the poor jewish usurer, idiot, wake up.

RedIce reports, it was Jared Kushner probably to betray behind the back Eric Trump link.

I want to warn you all, you westerners who feel “like Ivanhoe” who still want to “protect” the poor Jews from anti-semitism and maybe, let’s say it, you owe them a bit of money, the jewish friend at times, may hurt you more than the jewish enemy, unless he’s Israel allergic, like Gilad Atzmon or even Norman Finkelstein, you’ll have in the room a spy of another country who won’t hesitate one moment to backstab you no matter what you did for him.

We westerners don’t really care about the Jews, we care only about the English, because we are racists and anti-semites, also the masons, they don’t really give a f***k about Rothschild, they give a f***k about the Queen of England, but on top of Freemasonry there is this wild pro-Israel, pro-Jews group that even the Windsors who are bragged about to be the real leaders of freemasonry in the Quatuor Coronaty, in reality seem not to count really that much. We know from his own letters that Prince Charles was against the mass immigration brought by the easy immigration laws done by Tony Blair and he did expose himself so much to say to Blair “like this we’ll become a country of bastards”. Thanks for the frankness Your Highness, so you see?

No one cares about the Jews and the masons themselves would like to know who the hell really commands in freemasonry.

I told you in my previous articles: betray them, don’t betray us european christian people, betray the bosses of freemasonry instead and watch out the jews, Charles doesn’t want mass immigration and if he has to dance in front of a hindu crowd saying “I like it a lot” he’s probably obliged. May I know who the hell commands in this hellish thing? The Prince of Wales – who likes Italian culture very much btw – doesn’t want mass immigration, I don’t want mass immigration, the mayor of Rapallo doesn’t like mass immigration, may I ask why the f***k is there mass immigration?

Can’t you form a freemasonry without jews, not even one for maximum security?

Don’t you impersonate Ivanhoe, the jewish “moneylender” a nice  way to say usurer doesn’t give a damn about you, do something! In the end Ivanhoe doesn’t want to marry the daughter of the moneylender and he’s right, she would do like Jared Kushner in the White House betraying here and there “for Israel” for their community, they do have their own groups of power where there are no goym allowed, not even the Queen of England, can’t we have a group with no jews allowed not even Rothschild?

Another piece of information by RedIce

The only true thing this woman says is “the jews will be resented for that, because without our leading role the transformation of Europe will not take place”, thanks, madam, so without you jews we would be in holy peace in our beautiful Europe instead thanks to your “leading role” we are in this disgusting mess!

Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt has a think tank paid by Israel and he supports the rights of the muslims in Europe but not in Israel and he is another israeli, if in your opinion this is normal or even only remotely acceptable…

The NGOs that dare and bring illegal immigrants to Italy don’t want to publish the list of donors and I suspect in many cases there is Israel or israeli connected people, like Padeia the organization of Barbara Lerner Spectre is paid by Israel – Israel I mean the government – like Rabbi Goldschmidt’s think tank is paid by Israel, like the charity for helping immigrants reaching our Greece named Israid is paid again by the israeli government. Like what else? Yes, like the jewish refugee  committee to help refugees be settled in Britain but not in Israel is paid by Israel and brought about by israeli-british dual nationals. And then, how much can be legally acceptable that the NGOs have secret donations? Is this even legal under the taxation rules? Is this acceptable for the Italians who are supposed to settle the rescued people at our expenses because Israel pays NGOs while not wanting muslims in Israel/Palestine? Why don’t they think about their f*****g problems? Because in their minds they have to destroy the goym, that’s their culture, that’s their supposed religion.

Now, I promise, no matter what you did, like Jesus Our Lord said, you repent and I forgive you if you overthrow freemasonry and the jewish power from within, I forgive you everything, to Macron to Prince Charles to any mason who’s not a Jew and sells out the jewish bosses to set Europe and the Greek-Roman-Germanic-Celtic christian heritage free and back dominant in Europe.

It is in our interests that Assad governs Syria as it is our interest that Serraj and Haftar make peace and make a national unity government in Libya, no matter if the interest of Israel is the opposite, the interest of us Europeans is that Syria remains in peace under the control of Assad who protects our christian brothers and the other minorities, who preserves the archeologic sites that were destroyed by ISIS aka the israelis, the jews destroyed the Temple of Baal not the muslims, because ISIS were israeli agents doing an undercover war against Assad, it’s they the enemies of culture not Assad: we must split from the jewish groups to be free to have a Middle Eastern policy and an immigration policy that’s the precise opposite of what Israel and consequently the jewish lobby want, just like it is in our very first interest the Ius Sanguinis, with the possibility of acquisition of the nationality per burocratic request obviously, but not automatically given, and the abolition of the dual nationality.

The interests of the european ethnicities and the interest of the jews do diverge completely.

Ivanhoe, wake up.

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