This is what I mean to overthrow freemasonry and the NWO: Jacob Rees-Mogg may be PM | He would just be perfect: so rich he is uncorruptible, above freemasonry, he voted against gay marriages and is pro Brexit, loyal to the good part of the establishment and the Crown. That’s it.

EXCLUSIVE: Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg has come clean to on his ambitions to take over from Theresa May at No 10.

Jacob Rees-Mogg comes as an example of the application in practice of the theory I expressed in my previous video-article: we must change the people in the top positions of power to have powerful people free from the control of freemasonry and non blackmailable. Rees Mogg is perfect for the part, he’s not an earthquake for the official establishment, in reality he is for the wicked part of it: Rothschild does not control an inch of him, he’s very rich, non corruptible and loyal to the official establishment, Crown & Co. so he answers to the Queen but not to Lord Rothschild…Choose him. Put him there. I’m sick of these Brexit talks that bring nowhere, I’ve been cut off line for a couple of days and I sadly notice it’s still the same story, nothing new and it’s getting nonsensical, the only good thing is that reaching 2019 in these conditions, with no Brexit deal there will be automatically a hard Brexit. Which is the best solution anyway. I despise Tony Blair and that idiot of Nick Clegg who, notice it, wasn’t re-elected for as much as the people should be repented about brexit…they didn’t even want him back in parliament.

Source: Jacob Rees-Mogg reveals TRUE feelings about losing top Brexit job | Politics | News |

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