Why everybody in the comment board is convinced it’s the Jews? And me too. Mysterious Fliers Threaten ‘Genocide of the White Race’

“We are killing off the entire evil white race by making them addicted to cocaine, crack, spiked marijuana, spice, meth, heroin, hash, and other poisons, to kill them.” Nice flyer over Little Italy-San Diego, the vulgarity of someone impersonating the Black Lives Matter, the signature is in spanish “Viva la raza” “Latino Power”, but no one suspects neither the mexicans nor the blacks, they’re all convinced , and I am convinced too, it’s the Jews impersonating other ethnicities: read 

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    The scheming Zio-Jews are most likely behind this ‘stunt’.

    As per their Talmudic Mossad mindset, by way of deception they wage wars – including instigating inter-racial and inter-religious wars for their benefit.

    The Jews are the masters of divide and conquer. So let’s be more level-headed and keep our focus and attention on the devious Jews – who want race/religious wars.

      • Absoluterly! 10 to 1 it’s those Wicked Tricks behind it. .. They met at the SinGog and the Rabbits instructed them on “How To Bamboozle – 101”.. and then, they took their crayons out and made Flyers.. and then went out around San Diego and doo what They doo best > DECEIVE & AGITATE

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      I think it’s probably someone on the white team trying to raise awareness through a kind of “Modest Proposal” style sarcasm


      Which, actually is a very good tactic!

The people in the video laugh and don’t seem concerned. I am anti-semite and I do think it’s about time the Jews, because it is they, are punished for this stirring racial hatred covering behind angry blacks or latinos.

An order to all Right-Wingers: do take revenge on the Jews whenever possible, any time, anywhere in any case: I can’t stand them any longer. HH. Yes, it’s the code for Heil Hitler. Or else 88. But you know it.

I cannot stand them. Don’t you give me another minute of Jews impersonating either white suprematists or blacks or radical muslims. I believe the truth will destroy the Jews forever.

With the headline

Source: Mysterious Fliers Threaten ‘Genocide of the White Race’

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