Momentum is gaining a lot of power maybe because people are sick of…the same journalists writing for the Guardian, the Left, and the Telegraph, the Right, that Israelis can bully around everybody and no one can be pro Palestine and they impose bombing the Middle East through their activists and jewish MPs like Berger.

Luciana Berger

Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters have been accused of “intimidating” a Labour MP on maternity leave after taking over the local party and demanding she apologise to Jeremy Corbyn.

Maybe all this Momentum’s success happens because people are fed up with Israelis bullying around and killing children but sending on the media always the same images of jewish children victims of the Holocaust, the same photographs used and re-used a million times, maybe the people, the real Left and the real Right are sick and tired of the same journalists writing both for the Telegraph, the fake Right, and for the Guardian, the fake Left, from Zoe Strimpel to the transexual such and such, about Israel, trans issues, abortions there’s not a shred of difference, no one is free to be Pro Palestine, the israeli double nationals require regular bombing of the Middle East through the fake Leftwingers like Berger a jew and israeli and the fake Rightwingers like Cameron and the fake Left again like Tony Blair and the fake Right again like Michael Fallon: they do the same things, protecting the jewish privilege to have dual nationality and serve Israel, a foreign nation, from the inside of the institutions of another nation but barring at the same time everybody else, from christians to muslims to enter the israeli institutions and want bombs and trans-agenda. I can’t see why this Ms. Berger who wanted to deselect Corbyn after all and treated him from upside down and wanted to bomb the Middle East – to save the children of Aleppo of course – shouldn’t be deselected; all the zionists must be deselected, why doesn’t the Labour Party candidate Gilad Atzimon instead of Berger in a safe seat?

The same journalists will give the same answer on the Telegraph, the Right, and the Guardian, the Left, on the same day probably with five minutes distance: go Momentum, I like it.

Source: Momentum win control of Labour branch and demand MP ‘apologises’ for criticising Jeremy Corbyn 

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