Sir Elton John, you’re a shit and you should know it. – We want to raise children who accept our choices – says gay couple – 

Elton John and his gay lover with two children actually bought and deprived of their mother.

These two children are bought and were deprived of their mother, Sir Elton John – because in Britain every shit has a title and is a knight – is just a horrible person, helped by Lady Diana who liked the borderline ambients, I believe strongly he’ll go to hell. Gay “couples” are just two sodomites aka handicapped people sexually sterile, emotionally non-adapt to make children – for they like the biologically wrong sex – gay adoption and womb for rent must be prohibited, Elton John disgusts me and fundamentally also Lady Di. the bitchy Princess of Wales who did marry Charles only for the money, and then played the victim, on her wedding day she even said “Philip” instead of “Charles” for as much she was in love with him…that’s a lapsus, then she went on breaking everybody’s balls helping her gay friends, her son is friend with Lady Gaga – the next King of England, be happy Brits. you’re safe as in an iron barrel, your gay values are protected also by the next generation of “Royals” -. First or later people will say David Icke is the only one who told the truth.

Rule: No gay sex and no gay adoption or womb for rent, be strong and refuse all this criminal crap, because gay adoption and teaching homosexuality as a normal way to have sex is criminal and must be criminalised.

Notice the extremely egoist position he this monster who did one song and then dedicated it to three dead friends – he brings bad luck – Diana, Versace, Marylin Monroe and who else? -well notice the title “We want to raise children who accept our choice” so babies and infants must be subjects to the adults’ wishes: you know what you are? You’re just a handicapped man who cannot breed for his own condition of inferiority and sexual perversion, this is what you are and society must not give you either marriage or children you should be barely tolerated for Christ’s sake. And I mean it. Call your handicap a handicap.

Dear Right-wingers, do never give in into this gay crap. We must repeal all the laws they did for gay weddings and adoption and if they cry they can cry me a river I don’t give a damn about them, they’re so egoist they don’t deserve other people’s complaisance.

“Fifty years ago this month, the Sexual Offences Act decriminalising homosexuality was passed in the UK.”

Source: We want to raise children who accept our choices

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