Bravo Vienna: Austria send troops to stop migrants crossing Italy border | Daily Mail Online

“The planned controls will include the busy Alpine Brenner pass, a defence ministry spokesman said – a move that Italy warned last year would break EU rules on free movement.”

Bravissimo Vienna and Hunguary, as for the italian Gentiloni and Minniti and their absurd sentence that the move of sending troops at the Brenner would break the EU rules on free movement  they should just be ashamed of it: they break continuously all the EU rules and regulations and then have no moral standard whatsoever or even less moral authority to ask the others to respect the rules that would suit them and allow the invasion – that thanks God Macron and the Austrians don’t want -. Get out of the EU, Gentiloni is a fucking communist and a high ranking no-border, like that bitch of Juncker and Avramopoulos and Timmermans. It’s a communist no-border coup in Italy and we must solve it with soldiers and platoons too. As for Sarah Vine’s preoccupation, yes, Mussolini is morally superior to Gentiloni, how do you call a fucking non elected government that takes continuously clandestine immigrants and allows supposedly NGOs whose staff is full wage paid by we don’t know whom, switch off the transponder not to be identified when they go and pick up immigrants off the libyan coast? They are guilty, Gentiloni and the President of the Republic Mattarella are guilty, Mussolini was better than they. The rescuing ships switch off the transponder because they do not take the immigrants to the nearest safest ports and when they were identified they  were found out lying on the position of the rescue operation and skipping two safe ports to bring them to Italy and Gentiloni knows it and agrees with them and he talks with Soros like they are partners in the business… I truly hope Gentiloni dies shot by his own, paid by me , bodyguards together with Mattarella: they are invading Italy, I hate them, I do want them shot dead by the italian military, and I mean it. And fuck the communists and the communists judges. Thanks a lot, I am a  fascist.


Macron and the Spaniards are right in shutting their ports only the fucking Spaniards and Swedes must stop rescuing people and bringing them to Italy or I want them shot too..You Britons don’t take a migrant and send Gentiloni to die. Don’t take not even one because they do it on purpose to “nigrify” Europe on behalf of the fucking communists jews and israelis and if you can, do me the favour to kill all the Rothschild clan, we’re at war.

Source: Austria send troops to stop migrants crossing Italy border | Daily Mail Online

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