Merkel:’illegal immigration cannot become the norm” , Macron: “we cannot shoulder the misery of the whole planet”. Ok, we start reasoning. |

President of France Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel

ANGELA Merkel today insisted that the international community cannot allow illegal migration fuelled by people smugglers to “become the norm” as Italy went to panic stations over a massive spike in new arrivals of asylum seekers.

Moreover Macron added a very frank statement: “we cannot shoulder the misery of the whole planet”.

I am rejoicing that someone started to talk frankly, that illegal immigration cannot be normalized aka legalized and the illegal immigrants therefore must be repatriated and that Africa and Asia, if they don’t want to be ruled by the europeans, ’cause that would be colonization, then they have to sort out their problems by themselves, we make sure that we do not take advantage of them, but if they refuse western imperialist rules we can’t take them on board to Europe to be destroyed by their culture.

What’s wrong in the link below? This sentence: “an angry Mr Gentiloni today refused to deny that he may close Italian ports to international rescue vessels – an act which may be hard to justify under international law – and instead said authorities needed to “address the issue of NGOs” operating in the Med.”. The international law of my boots, sorry mate, I am Italian: they must shut those f****g ports to those rescue ships. The NGOs are run by ideologically motivated people who want that Europe loses its greek-roman-celtic-slavik-germanic identity, the hated “whites” of the Leftists, I can tell you, Europe works much better than other places because of the greek-roman-celtic-slavik-germanic culture, so this culture and identity must be preserved, we must go beyond Auschwitz and accept that the Jews may not like it, but without them and their fu****g holocaust we rule the world: aka, there’s no international law, there’s the greek-roman law, we rule because we can, the Jews and the various non-greek-roman-celtic-germanic-slavik people must be considered extraneous elements to be either re-educated or expelled. And the various priests and pastors who side with the jewish no-borders must be sent to hell together with them. Either the church is useful or we change church – as usual -.

Even Angela Merkel said migrants and refugees were being “used as pawns…for their political agenda” and vowed more action on the issue, and the political agenda is that Soros, Rothschild and the Fed, who are all jewish bankers and financiers, dream they can destroy the roman-greek-celtic-germanic Europe.

Get out of freemasonry and…give them the midfinger. As Berlusconi once said: “We always win, we’re cursed to win” God knows how much we tried to welcome the Jews, but it’s really they who have problems. And create problems. For envy, probably, because they cannot do what we do, the world we build, according to our culture, makes the rest of the world look miserable.

Source: Migrant crisis – Angela Merkel says EU must make sure ‘illegality doesn’t become the norm’ | Politics | News |

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