May I ask why can’t they simply keep this baby alive? Doctors lately seem to want only the right to kill people. Timeline: Parents’ battle to save Charlie Gard

A look back at Charlie Gard’s parents’ ultimately unsuccessful fight to save their terminally ill baby.

Source: Timeline: Parents’ battle to save Charlie Gard

I can’t understand new doctors. Once upon a time they wanted to try and save anyone, they kept people 20 years in a coma and even, after 20 years some of them woke up and re-started a life – now maybe Schumacher -. Now they seem to want the right to kill: no limits for abortions – I’ll never give them – the right to kill this poor beloved baby. Why can’t they keep him alive and go on?

For the money of NHS?

And why are we pro-lifers supposed to pay always for dirty abortions and even transgender re-assignment – that should be illegal because it is immoral – then the poor baby they don’t want to keep him alive: keep him alive and stop.

First they told us, euthanasia is only after people decide they don’t want to live anymore, now it’s the doctors, fucking doctors, who want the right to decide against the will of the parents or even in certain cases in Belgium, against the will of the people. Keep him alive, it’s not your money, personally I want to pay for keeping people alive and try to cure them and not for abortions and gender re-assignment.

First or later we’ll do secession from the Leftists and their fake love culture that’s just death culture. I want doctors with my same values. I want to go back in the eighties. Keep the baby alive.

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