Now everybody’s looking at Macron and he needs just to walk out of the eurozone and EU then he can spend as much as he likes, things will happen while they can. Macron’s promises come CRASHING down as he’s told to AUSTERITY is needed |

President of France Emmanuel Macron

Things will happen while they can: the only way Macron has to keep France as a rich and prosperous country IS to exit the eurozone and the EU altogether, the french MEPs have already said that if the Strasbourg’s site of the EU Parliament is shut down or reassigned as HeadQuarter of an EU agency they’ll walk out of the Parliament, may they walk out, in Italy the post-euro era is getting ready, even though the absurdly europhile communists that are actually ruining Italy – the ones who take clandestine immigrants and then cry wolf to the others, while they ARE actually bringing the wolf, and the others rightly ignore them, because the only alternative to ignoring them is insulting them and calling them for what they truly are and I hope it happens – well they deny it, but here’s a link

and the concept is, I quote “In the eurozone the only vent valve are the salaries and, therefore, it does crash salaries down” consequently there is the austerity, a neverending spiralling austerity, and the europhiles say “because Brussels wants it” as if “Brussels wants it” were a logical excuse not to exit and just change currency, and Prof. Bagnai adds “there’s no growth possible inside the eurozone”.

Macron must know it. Walk away.

Can you remember that song?  “I just love the sound of you walking away”.

As for the communists ruining Italy, I believe we need the process for felony end of.

“EMMANUEL Macron’s dreams of ramping up spending to fund his election campaign pledges were shut down today after a French watchdog warned he could bankrupt France.”

Source: Macron news: Macron’s promises come CRASHING down as he’s told to AUSTERITY is needed | World | News |

Here it is, I found it:

The best is the last line, after Macron leaves “Stalin smiles, Hitler laughs, Churchill claps Mao Tse Tung on the back”

He’s a genius – the author of this song –



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