Angela Merkel wants Hard Brexit, the discussion is over, put tariffs and the german car industry will finally sack her to put an intelligent person in her place. You’re over, Angela. – Angela Merkel slams Theresa May demands free movement or UK will get nothing | World | News |

Angela Merkel

THE President of France Emmanuel Macron and Chancellor Angela Merkel have made it clear they are the European Union’s new power couple as they threaten Theresa May over Brexit.”

May I ask the at least to stop saying nonsense? Theresa May is not humiliated and the Poles can go and be scroungers in France and Germany if they want to keep the four fucking principles of free movement as they are. The problem is that Theresa May is playing the fake lame duck, she’s not a lame duck at all, DUP MPs are very good and honourable people, the Daily Telegraph had to find a scandalous sentence by one of them nothing more recently than 1985 when, in 1985, aka 32 fucking years ago when he probably was a boy, when he said more or less: “If the british army leaves Ulster we’ll take arms etc.” or now, you who are the bootlickers of the defunct Margaret Thatcher who sent the army in Northern Ireland can you fucking show a bit of respect for people who also lost their relatives in a fucking civil war that now is by mercy of Christ over and do me the fucking favour not to stir it up.

We want out of the European Union from many countries, do not help the EU and shut up about the irish dead and buried civil war.

As for Ms Merkel, does she want tariffs? Put tariffs and the car german industry will finally sack her to put an average intelligent person in her place as german Chancellor.

The EU is over, Corbyn wants the living wage also for kids from 16, George Osborne is probably a tad better than this because at least, if nothing else, he can count, which thing Corbyn doesn’t seem to be up to. Keep the DUP-Tory alliance and do Brexit.

We don’t want any freedom of movement and that’s it. That’s precisely what we don’t want everywhere she and her fucking refugees and we don’t want any relocation quotas, can you hear me?

Pay tariffs and die, Angela.

And sorry for the little vulgarity but I can’t stand her, show muscles, put her in front of her own words, come on, put tariffs on the german cars now. I want to see her crawling. Put that damn tariff on the german cars today!

Source: Brexit news: Angela Merkel slams Theresa May demands free movement or UK will get nothing | World | News |

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