Gexit next: the real situation in the EU, after Brexit very probably Germany will exit the Single Market and the EU will close; they can wipe their mouth: they’ve eaten enough.

Gexit, you haven’t heard of it yet, but it is a reality in sight: after Brexit, Germany won’t sustain the tariffs to trade with the UK and either it obtains the abolition of the tariffs with the UK without freedom of movement and the authority to the European Court of Justice on the UK and that would kill off the single market just as well because it wouldn’t make sense to pay to stay in or they’ll pull off the mask and they’ll say it: “it’s not convenient for us to stay any longer because export tariff with the UK just don’t make sense for us, we’d lose money like idiots” and the Dutch and the Germans just  don’t like to lose money unlike the dumb actual “ruling class” if so can be called that bunch of ignorant and treacherous masons in Italy and Greece – because this is what they are -. Obviously Germany will close the door and switch off the light of the EU, Germany stepping out of the Single Market to be free to trade tariff free with the UK means the closure of the entire European Union project and after the disaster I saw in Italy and the collapse of Greece and Cyprus I am happy about it, it’s like the funeral of a sadist that when it dies, people think “by luck so the nightmare is over”.

Do you think I’m kidding? Why? Only because the BBC didn’t tell you? And why do you suppose that the BBC is there to give you news? That’s the mistake that you must stop doing: expecting news from television.

I give you two pieces of news that are the biggest of the week/month and television didn’t tell you – like the rabbis calling for the poisoning of the water for the Palestinians in Israel another news that you must know to understand the situation -. Back to Europe:

  1. A swiss newspaper in italian language the “Corriere del Ticino” published leaked documents by the german police where it is reported that Angela Merkel ordered the german police to lie about the number of immigration, the presence of illegal immigrants in Germany and the crimes committed by the foreigners, particularly her free for all “refugees” she brought; Corriere del Ticino in written in italian but the original leaked document is in german link
  2. Udo Voigt MEP of the german right-wing party NPD presented a request to the European Court to control nothinglessthan if Germany had the sovereignty necessary to even sign the Lisbon Treaty because Germany is not a really sovereign country since the end of WWII, which means that the German Chancellor cannot sign really such Treaties as the EU treaties or really forming a EU army outside the NATO.

Now Voigt is NPD, far right all you like, but I suspect much “kinder ” germans are using him, because as Nick Griffin said “They pretend not to know you only when there are cameras on around, when there are none they greet you…” and well, we all know it’s like this, I suppose they used Voigt to have an escamotage to Gexit after the UK is out of the Single Market, poor Germans who lost the war…

I understand them, I also want out. First or later all this theater will be over, it’s like everybody’s lying to everybody and everybody wants to be free from the shackles. I don’t see the Germans paying tariffs for trading with the UK. They don’t like to lose money, if they had to choose between losing money and losing another war, they’d choose to lose another war. The gold of the Nibelung is more in their guts than anything else…I studied german literature, I think I can say it.


The Nibelung guardian of the gold is mumbling on about how to keep the trade with UK without paying tariffs, he must have sent the “bad one” Voigt to tell people they lost the war so they couldn’t sign and must out.


As you may notice even the “jewish bankers” are all german jews. They’ve got something with the gold hidden somewhere the Germans…And Schaeuble looks the part.

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