Theresa, look at me in the eyes: give DUP the 2 Bl and do Brexit. WTHell do you want to do? 

This thing is getting tiring, give DUP the 2 bl and do Brexit; it’s not 2 bl in bribes it’s just 2 bl. investment in Northern Ireland and they’ll have jobs and happiness and the Sinn Fein cannot say anything against it because their own voters would profit from the investment.

Come on, the EU affiliation fee or maintaining in Britain at UK taxpayers’ expenses all the EU citizens due to the effing free movement rules would cost much more and it wouldn’t be an investment it would be only welfare state for foreigners hanging in Britain doing nothing but taking the Council Housings instead of the poor Britons, see Grenfell Tower, there were barely no english or scottish there and it was a council housing.

You lost me. I tell you Theresa that when I came to London in 1995 I had to pay for the rent by myself – ok, my family’s money – and it all looked nice, now with this benefits system people like me don’t come anymore because the price for the people who pay is too high but you have all the scum in the world stealing council housings from the Britons. I lived near Holland Park too and at least at that time it looked really really pretty instead of looking like a muslim bourough, and don’t tell me I’m a racist, I’m fed up.

Pay DUP, come on, don’t be silly.

Theresa May flies to Brussels today for what EU officials have warned could be a “humiliating” encounter when she holds talks on Brexit with EU leaders for the first time since losing her majority at the general election.

Source: Theresa May set for ‘humiliating’ trip to Brussels as she makes EU citizens offer

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