The DUP deal must be done, particularly after the LibDem made Tim Farron step down for he’s against gay weddings; Tory-LibDem is too offensive for the real conservatives and at that point the Queen may shock everybody asking Corbyn to form “Her” government.

“Theresa May’s deputy has cast doubt on whether the Tories will be able to do a deal with the Democratic Unionist Party to prop up a minority government as the Prime Minister prepares to unveil her Queen’s Speech.”

Quite, they want to botch it, in a country where the LibDem sacked Tim Farron because he’s against Gay weddings, Tory-LibDem as an alliance smells so much “dirty establishment” all gays and happy that I’d rather have the Queen shocking everybody and asking Corbyn to form the government and if he can’t they better go to vote and Corbyn may win a majority.

Obviously they must give something to DUP if they want their support, Jerry Adams cannot block them on the base that he himself doesn’t want to govern in Westminster, as for gay weddings that’s not and was never a common shared value of society, it’s a freemasonry’s value that the masons pretend it’s a core value of society, it is untrue, it’s just theirs.

If they break with DUP, which is the opposite of the LibDem, I hope the Queen asks Corbyn. The Tories are not so wonderful, after all.

Source: Queen’s Speech live: Theresa May to set out plans for government as her deputy casts doubt on DUP deal

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