This is just a false flag for the government to be justified in putting the blame on far right wingers. It’s so banal, easy to do that anyone could do it. Far-Right celebrate Finsbury Park attack online | Daily Mail Online



“In one video, a man posing in front of a Nazi flag said he was ‘so happy right now’ because the English had ‘grown some balls’ and a white man had driven ‘into a bunch of Muslims’.”

Don’t get upset, this is just a false flag, the Israelis are masters of the false flag, if they want to put the blame on something or someone they can impersonate the far right wingers, the neo-nazis as in America where a jew israeli national did sick threatening phone calls to synagogues and drew swastikas on jewish cemeteries just to blame Trump, who had nothing to do with it btw .- while the arab jews very often are used to impersonate the muslim jihadis and say “we want to kill all christians” etc. other than Israel and Saudi Arabia did the terror attack and chemical attack in Syria just to blame Assad: it’s their way of doing.

What I can see of this script is that it is too banal, too easy: a car and at times a knife, basically something that’s too easy to do by anyone and then the idiot who self accuses the far right posing with a swastika at his back on internet…and Morgan can put the blame on Tommy Robinson and that slut of Amber Rudd and Theresa May ready to say that, nothing less than one in three suspects of extremism are far right whites…one in three? Seriously? Bitch I hope some honest men and women come out and reveal everything illegal and criminal you did at the Home Office and you get arrested for the rest of your life.

I don’t want the opinion crime just the same and I don’t want mass immigration and the islamification of Europe just the same. I haven’t change my mind for that. And either these two old bitches get out of power and stop their fight against the far right or it is simply better Jeremy Corbyn: get Amber Rudd and Theresa May out of office.

Source: Far-Right celebrate Finsbury Park attack online | Daily Mail Online

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