Italy: the Truth. Health Secretary Lorenzin: 12 compulsory vaccines on babies and children because immigrants from Africa bring new devastating viruses. Confidence vote on the Ius Soli (?). Commander of Coast Guard and of Navy bring illegal immigrants to the continent and Austria says NO, while UK is leaving and it’s right.

The situation in Italy is such that someone must have already done a coup during the night. The Health Secretary Lorenzin wanted to impose 12 compulsory vaccines on new born babies and children from 0 to 6 years, yes 12 compulsory vaccines from 0 to 6 years – or the prohibition to send children to school and asylum and fines up to 4000 euros – but the Right and Grillo said it was too many, they gave evidences that in many european countries there are no compulsory vaccines, in others just one and in another four – as in Italy before this government – and that actually there is no epidemic to justify 12 vaccines on so little babies they even show this:


I translate for you:

Compulsory Vaccines in Europe:

Austria, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Island, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Norway, Holland, Spain, United Kingdom, Sweden: NONE.

France: four.

Greece and Portugal: three.

Belgium: one.

Italy: twelve.

First she the Minister Beatrice Lorenzin tried to accuse everybody against the package of twelve compulsory vaccines on babies and children of being “against Science” then the SudTyroler citizens wanted to send their children to austrian asylums not to have to fill them with chemical products as new born or so little ones, then a group of doctors opposed the measure saying that it’s absurd and a lefty judge put the representative of them on a trial, then finally confronted with the fact that in the rest of the civilized world they don’t intoxicate children under 6 with all these compulsory vaccinations and that there isn’t any epidemic, in fact there isn’t, she capitulated: the immigrants come from Africa bring new devastating viruses and the Left wants to settle them in Europe therefore the twelve till now useless vaccinations.

Add that this lefty government non elected by anyone, kept in life only because people who campaigned as “right-wingers” changed after they were in the Parliament and are aligned to the Left wants the quick Ius Soli for all the people born in Italy, and consequently the parent, even an illegal immigrant should be granted the right to stay …in Italy? Not only, in the entire EU, obviously. Despite Brexit that’s the right solution and Austria that says through Sebastian Kurz: “The asylum centres must be in Africa not in Europe it’s the only way to stop the crossings of the sea” and Hungary that doesn’t give a damn about the EU threatening sanctions and says “the EU will never have a common immigration policy” despite all this the italian lefty jewish-led masons – for all the families that are bringing about the NWO and the abolition of the frontiers in Italy are jews: Feltrinelli, Elkann, DeBenedetti, with the help of the jews from abroad: Soros, Rothschild, with the help of the jewish “intellectuals”: Saviano, Gad Lerner, they don’t even quarrel, they push the accelerator like crazy ones, they want the confidence vote on the Ius Soli, that’s pretty weird the Ius Soli being a very controversial law, it’s not the budget, I mean. And don’t tell me “the jews can be right-wing or leftwing like anyone else, because the jews are just the 3 per thousand of the population and happen to be at least 80 peer cent in the movements to destroy “white christian” Europe, not to mention the communists, and they do it through freemasonry: they do control freemasonry and inside freemasonry they give orders to masons goym, up to the B’Nai B’Rith where they are all jews, while in the other lodges it is compulsory to accept multiculturalism and the jews of the B’Nai B’Rith control that the goym in the other lodges don’t damage Israel. Ok? So, Hitler and Mussolini said also true things and you must recognize it. In fact it is another news that Israel finances the syrian rebels against Assad because they want the Golan and the jews in freemasonry want this news not to be broadcast by the Tvs and so on.

Well, Italy is actively doing the self invasion under the direction of jews italian and foreigners who control the masons like Renzi, Padoan and Gentiloni, the invasion of Europe is being brought about by the likes of the Commander in chief of the Coast Guard Vincenzo Melone this guy here:


Vincenzo Melone, Commander of the Italian Coast Guard takes migrants from off Libya and brings them to Europe breaking the international laws and stop because this is it. And fuck you, bastard.

and the General Commander of the Navy Valter Giradelli, under the direction of the Minister of the Defense the lesbian Roberta Pinotti, under the supervision of Gentiloni Prime Minister and Renzi, Boschi and the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella and the previous President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano, a communist friend with Henry Kissinger who avoided being prosecuted and arrested under the operation Clean Hands because he went together with the then Secretary of the Italian Communist Party Achille Occhetto to pledge allegiance to a Jew living in Canada such Edgar Bronfman and after that the italian judges didn’t touch them nor prosecute them link. It is therefore clear that billionaire jews resident anywhere control freemasonry, the italian or european non jewish masons take orders from them about whom to arrest or not and they obey and shut up.

It’s already a golpe.

Get out of the EU: it’s the italian authorities, Ministers, Prime Ministers, Presidents of the Republic – with the help of PayPal that blocked the account of the right-wing fleet while helping the NGOs and therefore PayPal must be boycotted till it dies out and this is an order to all Patriots, pay with something else – so, it is all these authorities who do break the national and international and EU laws about immigration and asylum seeking because they are told so by the rich zionists who control them through freemasonry. And this is it. I’d never do any European Union with these bastards, add that they want to fill your babies with 12 vaccines because they know the africans they bring are unchecked.

What I mean is: the human traffickers are european people in position of authority they do break on purpose the immigration and asylum laws saying “they are rescuing human lives”. This is why the situation is unmanageable. We want justice: these people must be arrested and put on a trial for conspiracy no matter how high their social position be.

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