The supposedly “hated” and “brutal” Assad and Israel the supposedly civil country. This is how the Jews manage to push the press to lie and this must stop.

Video of the supposedly brutal Assad walking in Syria, quite cool…

without bodyguards in the part of Syria under his control, that looks precisely like the happy multicultural society the political correct people claim to want – if it is true – all in peace christians, muslims, laic girls in jeans and without headscarf and other girls with the headscarf but they don’t want to behead one another no one calls the others infidels…or sluts etc.

This is the brutal regime of Syria. Assad can walk without bodyguards Theresa May can’t. The society looks precisely multicultural but integrated and peaceful, unlike Sweden – where people don’t talk to one another and communities are devastated by rapes and police cannot do justice, the kind of Islam there is in Syria seems lighter than the one you have in certain parts of Malmoe or UK cities, unlike France where there are bombings, unlike oh, Israel. I could till yesterday show you the video of another israeli beast/soldier shooting a palestianin girl, disarmed, she’ll probably be accused of having a pair of scissors or a knife but she hasn’t got anything, she was unarmed, the crowd of jews victims of the holocaust cries “you bitch”, “die” and they look at her until she dies, they shout like animals they are really unpleasant; the video was taken down, here’s a screenshot:BambinaPalestinese

here’s a screenshot of israeli bombings of white phosphorus bombs, against all laws, on Gaza:phosphore_blanc

This is for all the Jews starting with Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt who stay in Europe just to break the balls to us about “respecting minorities” and the “danger of Brexit” – he wanted a federal EU superstate and no debate about it in 2016, he wrote an article about that on the Telegraph – and the danger of the Right-wingers and of Corbyn. I think all these jews who live in Europe and USA, the dual nationals, are just here to try and control us in favour of their fake homeland Israel.

Don’t be a friend of Israel, be honest.

As for Assad, he’s the only decent ruler in the Middle East. The human rights are heavily broken in Israel, not in Syria, freemasonry, the part controlled by the Jews is used to cover up all the bad stories about Israel, it must be dismantled and the dual nationality abolished. We must control the Jews, not the other way round.


It is evident that the part of Syria controlled by Assad is the best.

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