Hammond has no mandate for a soft Brexit, the mandate is to take control on immigration, borders and to strike new trade deals; And Grenfell Tower tragedy is NOT Downing Street’s fault, it’s the Townhall of London’s fault. They always put the blame on the wrong authority.


Philip Hammond must get over it: the UK must exit the Single Market and let the EU break apart, because this is what will happen very probably and no one will cry for it, there will be joy.

Civic education must be mandatory; people must know which authority is responsible for what; what kind of citizen can really put the blame on the national government for a council housing firing in London? It’s the reverse of accusing Sadiq Khan for “ISIS”, as if the Mayor of London were responsible for MI5, now that’s the Mayor of London’s responsibility – to put in security council housings – now they want Theresa May, the Prime Minister to be sacked.

In all schools there must be one hour each week of civic education, explain to the citizens what is under the control and responsibility of which authority and institution; what under the Crown, what under the responsibility of Downing Street, what under the Home Office – MI5 btw – what under the Foreign Office – MI6 – and what under the Townhall, aka the Mayor. Please. I understand they want justice but they must know who’s responsible for what.

Second: Philip Hammond has no democratic mandate whatsoever to soften Brexit to put “protecting jobs” before taking back control on immigration and the freedom of striking new trade deals across the globe; independently from the fact that he is a remainer, to put a remainer here and there in the government does not change the referendum’s result: they must out of the Single Market, that’s the democratic mandate, the elections don’t change it because the election were won on a platform that spoke about pensions and co. and Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell wanted out of the Single Market just as well, so all the people who voted them should be supposed to have voted to exit the Single Market too. So, sack Hammond, they knew Brexit won for immigration and they promised freedom to strike new trade deals, Hammond has no mandate to change this because he personally doesn like it.

The future of the EU is entirely in the hands of the Britons, and they cannot have any deal, they must out of the Single Market and revert to WTO tariffs, if the EU allowed access to the Single Market without imposing the effing four principles, freedom of movement etc. it wouldn’t make any sense for the others to accept the “four principles” and Brussels’ meddling if other people can have the access to the Single Market without. So, the only solution is to step out and revert to WTO tariffs, the rest will be a problem for the countries who stay in that prison called EU, they’ll probably break, and that’s what the remainers want to avoid, but they have no democratic mandate for that. It is even wrong that they still occupy government’s places as if they had won.

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