A Royal doing his duty: promoting british interests, yes, Brexit is brexiting form the Single Market and you don’t even need to call it “hard” that scares so much the vulnerables. Prince Andrew says Brexit provides new opportunities | Daily Mail Online



I’m glad to say good things about the Royals of course, a little courtier lives inside of me. My only problem being that I say good things about them only if I really think them, that makes me a better blogger.

Prince Andrew steps into the Brexit debate to hint that Brexit means exiting from the Single Market and then be free, finally free to strike new trade deals at their own terms with potentially all the rest of the world.

The most interesting subtlety is that he doesn’t even call all this “Hard Brexit” having understood that snowflakes and vulnerable various feel scared at the very word “hard” so he cuts the head to the bull and, like the very clever R.H. John Redwood says “that’s brexit, exiting the single market and the  be free to trade at our own terms with the rest of the world and even if the EU puts tariffs – which is bad more for them than for us btw – the rest of the world would abolish them and for us is better just the same” he doesn’t say like this precisely, but I understood this, cut and clean. Adding that at the time being and staying in the doomed Single Market, Britain is not even free to trade freely with Canada, almost a twin Country, under the same Crown, having to wait for the never arriving Brussels’ approval which is given only if a trade deal is convenient for the bosses of the corporations who lobby the commissioners and not if it is good for the people or the Member States and this must be clear. The EU being a racket in fact.

One detail about the comment board, it’s too lefty to be true, now they’re all Remainers or pro “soft or no brexit” – the Readers of the DM?, I don’t believe it – the EU must have paid the trolls.

The Duke of York has become the first senior royal to speak publicly about Britain’s departure from the EU.

Source: Prince Andrew says Brexit provides new opportunities | Daily Mail Online

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