Updated Version: Theresa May must go on with DUP to save the UK’s interests. It is obvious that Gerry Adams doesn’t want to benefit from his UK citizenship’s rights, he cannot impose to the Protestants a second class citizenship saying DUP should not govern.


Gerry Adams – Theresa May

I stick to the point that Catholics have the same rights as Protestants in the UK and that Jacob Rees Mogg, Ian Duncan Smith, the Duke Michael of Kent are all Catholics perfectly patriots and very well off and inside the establishment. Now Gerry Adams is not interested in swearing loyalty to the Queen, in governing in the UK Cabinet etc. because he’s a separatist, he cannot impose to the Irish protestants a status of second class citizenship, like his own which is self-imposed because he’s not interested in the full rights of the UK citizenship, saying that they the DUP MPs can stay there if they like – sitting in Westminster – but should never govern or have a Cabinet position. And why? Where do these guys are supposed to make “political career” not being separatists? They are unionists and the Tories are a unionist Party, they must govern together and deliver a pro UK-interests Brexit, Brexit from the Single Market and stop paying bribes to Brussels or hanging on Brussels’s or Luxenbourg’s Courts.

*I have to add this to the previous version: first I had misspelled Gerry with Jerry, second I come from reading that Adams can soften his position for more fundings to NI. Oh, Dearest beloved Our Common Lord Jesus, there are all the money we save from the EU membership….come on Theresa go to Brussels, cut the tie and give NI a fourth of the twenty billions pounds now literally thrown in the dustbin of the EU membership, 20 split in 4 makes 5, give them five billions pounds in investments in NI and, a little remark ’cause I said catholics have the same rights as protestants etc. the only thing catholics cannot do is to marry to King or Queen staying such they have to convert to Anglican to do it on the day of the official engagement, but I would like Adams to recognise that where the King or Prince is catholic they require the eventual conversion on the day of the official engagement from another religion or confession to Catholicism just as well, see Montecarlo, Belgium, Spain and Luxenbourg. So, I.Beg.Your.Pardon.

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