The Germans do it better: why between the german skinheads and the scandinavian hooded guys I prefer the first.

What shall I say? The Germans do it better. I have a weakness for the german skinheads for two reasons, the first being they do not cover their face, I don’t like wide tattoos but the average skinhead looks quite normal and does not hide. I have to say that I can’t stand the hooded guys like KKK engulfing the scandinavian Right. Honestly, I want to be clear, the far-right has a noble culture like the Roman salute and the bare-faced passion for frankness ” being frank” “sag was wahr ist” – say what’s true in german – is a motto, “a way of being” and these hooded guys kill it all, and they smell satanic. I never understood what makes Scandinavia so different. I mean, in Britain the EDL also goes bare faced, they get arrested and then released after a couple of what? days? Same goes in Italy with far right hooligans, in Greece, basically everywhere but in Scandinavia. I may think that’s because in Germany and Italy or England and Greece they “let go” while in Scandinavia they arrest them before they can breathe and this must change because the far right exists everywhere and they should align with the other Europeans, but as an Italian I have also to mark that the bare-faced skinheads and the hooded guys do not share the same cultural roots.

The second reason why I am a skinhead apologist/sympathizer is because Antifa thugs have taken the habit of harassing normal people who cannot beat them back as “fascists” women who distribute leaflets for Brothers of Italy, Northern League voters, they try not to allow Salvini giving public speeches and they do it violently: they are aggressive, yes violent against the “fascists” or even against people who are against abortion or simply hold a banner saying “Freedom of Speech must be protected everywhere” in Italy a lady distributing leaflets for Brothers of Italy had her arm broken by a male lefty activist and the politicians of the Left refused to apologize or to condemn the aggression. In Britain Nigel Farage is under constant threat and Diane James was physically assaulted by a male leftist until she dropped the presidency of UKIP, same goes for Raheem Kassam whose parents were threatened and he dropped from the UKIP’s leadership contest etc, now I had one thought in my mind and it was about Udo Voigt: “They are right at the NPD to keep the skinheads in the Party, so they learn, the leftists, at least the skinheads can beat them back”. Yes, I am a skinhead sympathizer. But, I’d like a bit more class, I mean I find a bit disgusting too wide tattoos and honestly, when you look at them, you get scared. But you always think “also Antifa will get scared, so they learn beating ladies against abortion or mass immigration or true liberals who want free speech as ‘fascists’, here’s the fascists, you deserved them”.

I have to give some of the cultural roots of the far right and why the Roman Salute is a sign of equality among men and not a sign of dictatorship, as for the black shirt anyone can wear the colour they prefer.

The roman salute was at the origin the sign that the roman King, Consul and then Emperor was not superior to the other soldiers or to the other citizens who had in fact to greet him standing and not bending on the knee. It is in fact a sign of equality and not a sign of “worship of the leader”, the Emperor had to greet them with the same gesture, whenever a Roman tried to be worshipped like a god, see Caligula, the soldiers got rid of him…you see? I don’t se any even only remotely good thing in these kkk hooded guys, some go and rescue the Nordic guys, I tell you like this, paraphrasing Madonna’s famous quote “The Italians do it better” well, I think “The Germans do it better”.


I think the NPD is the only Party that’s got the fitness room directly in the Party venues…it’s a boxing club. I hope they’ll meet Antifa, I can’t stand them any longer.


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