That’s the main point: we don’t want to be ruled by an “executive” like a corporation, we want Democracy. EU opens legal case against Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary

This is the main sentence you must focus on: “The European Union’s executive launched legal cases on Tuesday against Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic for not taking in asylum-seekers under a 2015 plan, a sharp escalation in the bloc’s divisive migration feuds.”

We are democratic people, we never signed to be ruled by an executive like a bank or a corporation, in the signed treaties the Commission has no such prerogatives and the member states are declared sovereign and  the principle is the of the unanimity, if they don’t want to take them, the asylum seekers, they don’t take them, let alone the piggery that the communists are doing in Italy where as a matter of fact it is the people who run the State offices Prime Minister and President of the Republic included who are human traffickers. In Italy we need either a big process for felony or a military coup. I personally hope in a mega-process for felony of all the people involved in this transport of people from Africa to Europe, if not, the golpe is better than going on like this.

The three member states all refuse to accept asylum seekers through the quota system adopted by the EU last year to relieve Greece and Italy.

Source: EU opens legal case against Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary

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