Rebate? To Britain? Britain is a net contributor, without the mebership they earn 11 billions f****g pounds. Guy Verhofstadt to UK: You can stay in EU, but lose perks – POLITICO

Liberal MEP says door is open to the UK returning to the EU.

But…I can’t believe my own eyes Britain would … “lose perks”. What perks? Britain is not Poland, it is the second net contributor after Germany, do they even know to make additions and subtractions at the EU? or do they think people are so ignorant they can’t do 20 billions membership fee minus 9 billions supposed perks makes an active of an astonishing 11 billions pounds, and they won’t under any circumstances have to pay 11 billions pounds tariff under the WTO rules because also for that they’ll receive by Germany and Holland much more than they ‘d have to pay and it’s another big plus, the only thing that they risk to lose relates to the banking system I supposed but already the big banks have said they don’t intend to move from London and Apple and Facebook are building the Headquarters in the UK London and they’ll have to pay their taxes there…and they won’t have to take non-stop immigrants to put as a burden on the welfare state and you EU with Brexit are completely fucked. Try at least not to pass for an ignorant. I think all the fire in London must be the curses they send from Brussels. We christians are stronger than you wizards. Do this Brexit, and leave. I’m looking forward the dawn of the next day. They’ll all flock to you UK, already now the countries outside the eurozone are more prosperous than the ones inside with the exceptions of Germany and Holland; the EU is third world level, the sooner it ends the better for all.

Source: Guy Verhofstadt to UK: You can stay in EU, but lose perks – POLITICO

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