Brexit on course; Single Market to be rightly ditched and sovereignty to be restored. Hard Brexit and Brexit basically are the same.

UKBrexitCabinetThe problem of a hard Brexit was always an optical illusion, in reality I noticed yesterday that Brexit as it was proposed during the referendum campaign means Brexit from the Single Market to restore the authority on immigration, work & permit rules in Westminster and to give the british fishermen back the right to fish in british waters as much as they like and to sell as much fish as they can; one of the most scandalous aspect of the Single Market for me who in the past was a good socialist – never a communist or a traitor of the Fatherland and I care about the difference, at least in Italy there was always a big difference between socialists and communists – well, it was to see good fresh food thrown away, good fresh fish and in Italy good fruits, that was scandalous for me, I say more, I was told it was a sin to throw away good food with the people, the beloved poor of the EU who die of hunger etc. I therefore started thinking the EU was a wicked institution that boasted about values of humanity and love for the poor that they didn’t really have. Well, Brexit and the so called Hard Brexit are the same, Juncker will try to stand in the middle but it is almost a done thing, I read with relief that DUP are friends with Farage and that the border with the beautiful Republic of Ireland can be kept open just the same for a previous privilege of the irish republican citizens to be able to enter the UK freely, this irish privilege doesn’t necessarily extend itself to include 500.000.000 yes five hundred millions of other EU nationals.

I like to write “five hundred millions”, because one of the most irritating characteristic of the EU is that they pretend that numbers and dimension don’t count. If you let the irish enter, you should let other 5 hundred million people or…you’re racist, as if the number were even only remotely manageable; in Italy we stopped quarreling with the left when they tried to say it was racism even to ask the number of supposed refugees one should take: all, was the answer, or even “you’re a fascist even only if you ask” “charity cannot have a cap number” “you are putting limits to charity” and so ranting, now the answer is “zero, and send the leftists to Africa together with their asylum seekers”. I mean, I wrote in an article in Italian I said that if they tell you to take 7 millions guests in your house they just want to destroy both the house and your life.

So, the irish border will be kept open and Brexit means Brexit. From the Single Market indeed. The Hard Brexit/Soft Brexit thing was smoke and mirror. And a little thought about the Sinn Fein, come on guys, you have the very same rights as all the other UK citizens, no one discriminates against you and you know it, if you don’t use your privilege as UK MPs you do it for other reasons, like you are separatists, the english catholics are happy and London is full of muslims and hindus…so dearest dears, it’s you who are troublemakers and at this point of your life you should already admit it.

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