Jeremy Corbyn can lead an all minorities government of 331 MPs and it would be much better than these Tories.

I am sick of the Tories who let Peter Mandelson write on the Daily Mail, bomb the Middle East, despise Hard Brexit, the sole that can pull Britain out of the single market and stop automatic mass immigration from the EU. At least Jeremy Corbyn wouldn’t bomb Syria and wouldn’t be a puppet of Israel, as for Brexit, the Tories did it and the Tories botched it, Theresa May is sacrificing her political reputation to botch hard brexit: she didn’t want to win, if she wanted to win not going to the debates she should be an idiot and she is not – I think –

Now I am astonished and disgusted at the refusal of the DUP because of gay marriages; at this point, better Corbyn for my soul: he won’t bomb Assad and he wouldn’t have bombed Gaddafi, he’s morally superior, and if he does an all minorities government he can lead up to 331 MPs, that looks like a beautiful, magic number. Do it, propose an all minorities government to the LibeDem, to the DUP, SNP, Green etc., you give one thing each like a piece of chocolate to everybody and at least you won’t bomb the Middle East under Netanyahu’s request, many people won’t die. I am sick of the Tories, they are clueless, they just want power. Have no proposal. As for Brexit, do another referendum with triple question “No Brexit? Hard Brexit? Soft Brexit?” and I want to mark to all the ones who say the public didn’t want Theresa May’s Hard Brexit, it is untrue because at a general election you don’t vote for Brexit you vote for taxations, foreign policy, education, in fact the Brexit thing was decided by referendum for this reason: that people who may want to vote for different parties because of taxation, education etc. they might agree about Brexit, this is the purpose of the referendum, to ask one question only about one issue only.

And they had chosen out. Out of the single market too because they didn’t want automatic immigration rights for the Poles who are white and christians by the way. So stop messing up with this, yes, you should do it and you know it.


Everything said during the referendum campaign gave for granted what’s called Hard Brexit

I apologise to the Poles, but a lot of people insist that the hard brexiteers are racist, it can be, but the EU eastern europeans happen to be as white as the germans and christians so stop saying nonsense; the Britons didn’t want them because they had become too many and did swamp their own communities, you should get out of the single market too and decide the number and kind of immigrant who can enter  and “live & work” in Britain in Westminster without charging one single area of the stress. Moreover they had to allow british fishermen have their own fishing rights back – that are currently decided by the single market rules – so you know perfectly hard brexit is the real brexit, what do you tell the fishermen and the people who were asked “to get a job to clean this hospital in Britain you must be able to speak polish to communicate with the rest of the staff”? if you don’t do the hard brexit? And to the ones who call us fascist I have two words: fuck you because everything said during the referendum campaign called Brexit what now is magically called Hard Brexit.

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