Red Ken-sington; Her Majesty’s neighbourhood chose Corbyn.


Rich elite party goers don’t accept Theresa May to handle their security any longer.

Red is the colour of their love. The red bourough of Kensington, this is a huge failure for the Tories, the “Notting Hill’s lads” Cameron and Osborne according to a clever Telegraph’s commentator “at least knew from which side the bread was buttered”.

I understand the ones who now want the head of Theresa May but many Tory readers and voters are, like me, delighted at the DUP’s very conservative manifesto, some say “this should have been the Tory manifesto” I disagree with the death penalty and the request for free movement but, they are against mass immigration and they do want free movement only with the rest of Ireland, they are very much “like us” they will be easily convinced that hard Brexit is better after seeing what Juncker wants in change of free movement with Ireland and by the way Ireland does not belong to Juncker. But Kensington? Red Ken? Really? I am delighted because Theresa May was very weak on security and these people don’t trust blindly anybody who claims to be a Tory. Keep the alliance with DUP, make them understand HB is better, we need Patriots, after all I supported the BNP and this, DUP, is very near it.

I dedicate this video to the new reds. I understand the way they live and it looks very much like this in this video, though it is placed in America.

Don’t wanna blow up anytime you go partying don’t you? because May and Rudd tell you this is your new life. They’re smart enough to understand who’s really guilty for the astonishing lack of security. The Home Secretary and the Prime Minister, not London’s mayor.


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