And the Chaos began; liberal backlash against Tory-DUP alliance that leaves the King naked for if a Conservative cannot be against gay marriages and against abortion or for hard Brexit, tell me why shouldn’t he just vote Labour.

The King is naked. No it isn’t Harry skipping William and Charles you know, now every cuckservative, the liberals hidden in the Tory Party, starts quarreling that they don’t want the alliance with the Unionists of Northern Ireland for they are against abortion and against gay weddings, say bad things about the catholics and happen to want soft Brexit just by chance, according to a lefty luvvie “because a dead clock gives the right time twice per day anyway”. But with Corbyn humanly liked even by people like me and on the rise, who, pay attention to this, IS the true star, a man – and I say man not “person” because I’m Right-wing – who in two months recuperated 20 and I say 20 points lead and with the press against and with the civil war inside his own Party, you know, had the campaign lasted other twenty days he’ d win the majority. And the Tory Party seems to have lost its identity whatever it was, the manifesto was bland, disliked – by the Tories themselves – no one understood the basis, philosphical and historical of it. Then you’ve got a Party with a strong identity: hateful, protestant – a bad word nowadays, you’re supposed to be buddhist and to want a peaceful karma, even if you don’t understand what it is – unionist, they just don’t want hard Brexit, I say because they haven’t met Juncker yet, and I suspect the liberals fear they may turn into hard Brexiters after the first meeting in Brussels. They’re against gay weddings just like the catholics and the muslims, come on, how many muslims really accept that you teach their boys sodomy is a normal way to have sex at school? Are you scandalised? I am not, I am amused. Because it’s people who hate the irish catholics perhaps, but if they go Austria or Bayern then they like it, there has been a harsh history behind and Jerry Adams and the Sinn Fein weren’t the All Saints, I have heard liberal pro abortionists in Italy insulting the catholics much more for they were against abortion, I believe they the DUP will get along well with Trump and Pence and you must read the comments on your own comment board at times, a lot of conservative Telegraph’s Readers say they like them. Economically the manifesto of May was neither Right-wing nor Left-wing, if a Conservative cannot even be against abortion and against gay weddings then he can just vote for Corbyn next time, he’s much nicer tha many Tories, May so to start with one.

The Conservative Party had a bit, kind of, lost its personality, no one understands what it stands really for, and these DUP will fight against the opinion crime and probably will scrap the hate speech laws because, according to the way they talk, they would get arrested. Or else, luvvie for luvvie vote Labour, what’s the point of the Conservative Party? If I could choose a coalition government Labour-LibDem-DUP and Green or Tory-LibDem I’d rather have the first and give another referendum. Tory-DUP still has a conservative meaning, maybe, and the meaning is given by the DUP, between Tory-LibDem and a coalition of all the minorities in the Parliament under Corbyn’s guide, I’d choose Corbyn, I don’t see anymore the point in supporting a strange, obscure self serving Right, neither for the economy, nor for the family traditional values, nor for the Fatherland, or HardBrexit, there’s nothing, it’s just like the Labour of Tony Blair with another name.


Will she have to go? Or will she stay?

Moreover, you cannot treat too badly these DUP or they may stop being unionists if in Westminster they treat them like unelectables with whom not to shake hands. After all, it’s they who keep NI in the UK not Piers Morgan, very often it’s the dinosaurs who do the job, the new animals are just there to want things for granted, like the snowflakes…but the snowflakes disappear when the sun rises. I know, people in the end will just hate Theresa May even more because she could deal with Cameron’s majority instead of messing up with a new election and then not fighting for winning.

Keep DUP, this is my suggestion, moroever apart from scrapping the hate speech laws that is a good thing, what else have they in mind to arrange marriages with that haven’t haven’t already allowed to marry?

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