Theresa May lost, and she lost Kensington indeed. The rich Tories trust Corbyn more than her – and they are tragically right – in protecting them from blowing up every now and then. Now spare me Amber Rudd PM. For security reason.



I have a sense of respect for the super-rich of Kensington who voted Corbyn. They are much cleverer than the idiots of Made in Chelsea.

Theresa May had a track on security that’s tragic as I have noticed in my previous articles, she makes them blow up and be knifed every now and then, she Home Secretary and she Prime Minister saw a surge in terror attacks and hypocritical talking, now the doggess – female of dog – doesn’t want to let the bone of power but she clearly must go. She lost Kensington indeed.

Boris Johnson may be PM, or Corbyn, who does not organize terror threats and then tells you “you’re like Israel now”, the new knife “terror attacks” are all of israeli brand, like her fucking husband related to Israel, so you’ll have your “Intifada of the knives” too, the Israelis think, because it’s they in collaboration with May and Amber Rudd who organizes the terror threats and put it on “ISIS” and who cannot be PM basically because she’s just like a little May or even worse: a little remainer who does catasrophes at the Home Office, she’d be May-two and didn’t win any elections or referendums, Boris Johnson at least won Brexit which means he can convince people.

As for Corbyn, he would never kill you at least, and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

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