Peter Mandelson already up in arms claiming DUP is “sectarian” and “potentially dangerous”. Sectarian said by a Jew is like an ox calling cuckhold the ass; as for “potentially dangerous” yes, of course, they keep Northern Ireland in the UK, what’s more dangerous than this?


Dangerous DUP people, they are against gay weddings and keep NI in the UK, they even wanted soft Brexit, they are clearly nazis, according to Peter Mandelson.

“Potentially dangerous” and “sectarian” the judgement of Peter Mandelson about DUP, I hadn’t written my own positive post about them that he already was thinking the very opposite for the very same reasons.

The die hard Jews who claim Israel for themselves only and in Israel are as much Islamophobe as they like, and also positively insult christians, as Mandelson and Stephen Pollard are “terrified” whenever they encounter a Patriot of another ethnicity or another country. Only Israel must keep the Palestinians out and be for Jews only – themselves – the other patriots are “potentially dangerous” and “sectarian” – “sectarian” said by a Jew to another is like the ox calling cuckhold the ass… – and the danger that DUP represents? To keep Northern Ireland in the UK, for example and to be against gay weddings… great danger for the globalist Jews pro gay agenda who want to crash down all nations but one. I don’t believe that people who are proudly Unionists in England, Wales and Scotland can really dismiss as “sectarian” the people who are unionists precisley in Northern Ireland and Prince Charles has already hugged that piece of bread and butter of Jerry Adams. What do you want more? They are unionists.

As for Mandelson, I thought he had missed this one at least, but he really never sleeps.

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