God Bless DUP, maybe this is good for us. They are against gay weddings, and want soft Brexit only not to have a border with the Republic of Ireland, BUT they are against mass immigration, which means that Brexit cannot not so soft… after all…See you, Juncker.

The Democratic Unionist Party’s hard-line stance against gay marriage and its opposition to a hard Brexit are issues that could be stumbling blocks in any attempt to forge a coalition with the Tories.”

I must admit I see the light in this supposedly “bad day”. The Tories want to form a government with DUP, the Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland and this is a double – or maybe triple – chocolate for us.

  1. They oppose like me gay weddings, do not bend to sodomy.
  2. They oppose mass immigration;
  3. Overwhelmingly Protestants though they cancelled the word “protestant” from the name of the Party to bring non protestant Unionists to be free to vote them – and there are, in England Rees-Mogg is a super rich catholic unionist and in Scotland Iain Duncan-Smith is another rich catholic unionist – but the core point is THEY ARE NOT MANIPULATED BY THE ISRAELIS, give them the Home Office, they are utmostly unlikely to stage self made terror threats to make you feel what “they feel in Tel Aviv”, or what they had to feel elsewhere and  I don’t see them letting terrorists slip into the UK, they’ll be sincerely tough on Terror.
  4. The only “sad point” should be that they oppose hard Brexit, but first of all they have to meet Juncker and Tusk yet, second, they do it only not to have to put a border with the Republic of Ireland, if they are against mass immigration they will agree that Brexit cannot be so soft.

The Republic of Ireland may split too…from the EU. And we are free. There’s a lot of hope that this news brings with it.

That would be a truly conservative government.

Source: DUP manifesto: What they will demand to prop up Theresa May

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