David Icke is right about the Jesuits: they are not true christians and I’m sick of them – Video –


After reading the number N attack of the Jesuits to the Right-Wingers in Italy on the website of IlGiornale link, I think I’m fed up with them. Totally. We’ll revert to the ethnic Right, and by the way, it’s they that after their freemasonic oath don’t try to convert anybody to Christianity anymore. But the right to invade my Country, they haven’t got it, neither they nor the “EU Court of Justice” or anyone else etc…We’ll do the ethnic Right, as usual, when the priests go crazy, because they do go crazy,  we always revert to that. The christian Right is about to be over. But it is they who don’t do what Jesus Christ Our Lord says and it is evident, in Freemasonry they do Apostasy. I am christian trinitarian the same.

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  1. Such a sensationalistic title for this post. How about discussing your differences of opinion with the Jesuits rather than making such bold assertions? As well, not all members of the order hold to the same views as some of the order’s leaders do.


    • Because in Italy they dared and step into direct politics and say bad things about nationalist politicians: they must stop, Italy does not belong to them and I stick to this. I’m sick of them, they are a negative element, very power oriented. I stick to what I say in the video. They are a negative element in the country, they play on the side of the NWO, Bergoglio is one of them, they want to destroy my Nation for the NWO, about Jesus, they just use the name but pursue immigration and building mosques. I consider both them and the Vatican a direct enemy. By the way they, boast about being against the Nationalists.


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