Katie, Katie…but Sadiq Khan is NOT the Home Secretary or the Prime Minister…the tough questions should be asked to them oh, but…they are Tories. – Katie Hopkins: Those meant to protect us are ineffectual | Daily Mail Online

Piers Morgan interviews Sadiq Khan and tries to make him look like the guilty one.

The reality is that tomorrow the Britons will vote and Piers, Katie and the Daily Mail don’t want to damage the Tories, they caught the Labour Mayor of London and tried to make him look the responsible for the lack of security.

But. I don’t know what kind of powers do the mayors have in Britain to be held responsible – together with Internet – of that level of lack of security;

because I don’t think that the mayor can control the police, that’s the Home Office, or decide how to spend the budget, that’s the Chancellor, or to scrap or not to scrap the Human Rights’ act that’s the governmental majority, or to repatriate jihadis, or to arrest and release people, actually all it’s happening it is Theresa May’s and Amber Rudd’s fault – two Remainers aka women of the bad part of the establishment – because they are in control of the Home Office, the MI5, the government, the parliamentary majority.

Look at this quote from Hopkins’s article, she said it herself:

“I received this information from a serving police officer in confidence.

‘I work in Birmingham City Centre. Birmingham Central Mosque is a no go area for West Midlands Police officers. We are told by the management and senior officers that we are not to go there and certainly not, under any circumstances, to go in. This is not for our safety but because of an agreement with the Mosque and the West Midlands Police HQ.

Only two officers – both who had to be approved and agreed by the Inman / Mosque are allowed to go to the Mosque.

All officers think this is a disgrace. They clearly do not want us there to witness the many clerics and speakers spreading hate.'”

West Midlands Police HD is not an independent body inside the UK Police it does depend on the Home Office, ok? It’s Amber Rudd and Theresa May, the Tories who talk about enough is enough and being tough on security and then give such orders to the West Midlands Police HD, which I repeat is not an independent body.

I am getting angry with the people who accuse Jeremy Corbyn of being a threat to security, Amber Rudd and Theresa May lowered the level of security in Britain with plenty of orders to release terrorists and “let do”  given by the Government to the Police. 

They play a very dirty double game.

I give you another quote from Hopkins herself again:

“Theresa May also voted against 90-day detentions and 14-day detentions and the carrying of I.D. Cards.”

“why was the Home Office – Amber Rudd and Theresa May again – so desperate to make white people the fear – of being prosecuted -? Why the inference that the rise in the far right is just as big a threat as Islamic extremism, when all evidence is to the contrary?”
Not only this, I can remember it was the Tories, May-Rudd who wanted to allow people who hadn’t served as cops to be at the head in the Police, so you’d have and I said it, the fucking israeli britons who do serve in Israel both in the Mossad and in the army, to control without having to swear loyalty to Her Majesty or to do the hard tasks in the streets, to control also the british police. I can remember Netanyahu saying he was informed to stay in the Hotel and not to go out when he was in London on the day of the terror attack 7/7.

There is a continuous interference of israeli nationals and masons who do the opposite of the interests of the country, there is a Canterbury’s Archbishop who always walks around with the Chief Rabbi of London like he’s got a watchdog. Sadiq Khan hasn’t got the position and the powers to control the police and to release terrorists, all these things were done by the Tories, the Tory party where the best elements never get high in the hierarchy, where Theresa May was imposed almost with threats to the other candidates – like UKIP’s best candidates were always threatened – and no, I don’t think Jeremy Corbyn could be worse than this. He’s not the little dog of Israel and maybe would abolish the dual nationality. The real trouble makers are Amber Rudd and Theresa May out of straight facts, if you go on with them, you’ll go on with this double talks, they say one thing and half secretly they do another – the opposite -.

“People at the top are not doing their jobs properly – Sadiq Khan, the investigating officers, MI5, Theresa May – I’ve lost confidence in all of them, writes KATIE HOPKINS.”

Source: Katie Hopkins: Those meant to protect us are ineffectual | Daily Mail Online

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