Why I do blame Theresa May’s Government for the London Attack.


“They won’t change our way of life…” but maybe they will change our governments.

Liam Gallagher is in Italy, welcome, and…he didn’t want to go there in Manchester telling people: “The terrorists won’t change our way of living…” I admire him for that. That’s a very irritating sentence and blatantly false. So

on the 8th of June, the day after tomorrow, the Britons may say to the Government: “Today is gonna be the day that I’m gonna throw it back to you, by now you should have somehow realized what I’m going to do…”

Yes, I blame the government. Here’s why:

other two pieces of information, two “news” taken always by the Daily Mail that’s not a corbynista paper and does not name BNP in vain and says little about UKIP, read well what they say:

Killer’s brother was PAID to fight extremism: Group that was given government funding to fight terrorism was set up at the London Bridge jihadi’s family home

  • Murderer Khuram Butt’s older brother was paid to help anti-terror group
  • Saad Butt, 29, worked with Prevent programme against extremist groups
  • He was even paid for research on ‘young Muslims’ dissatisfaction with police’
  • Meanwhile younger brother was plotting deadly attack without detection
  • Father-of-two Khuram was investigated by officers but deemed ‘low priority’
  • Questions raised over how security services missed so many red flags

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4576636/Killer-s-brother-PAID-fight-extremism.html#ixzz4jDkv3OKV

Second link:

Another one we missed? Third London Bridge attacker is named in Italy as Moroccan-Italian Youssef Zaghba who was ‘arrested in Bologna for trying to fly to Syria’

  • Third London Bridge attacker is named in Italy as Moroccan-Italian 22-year-old
  • Italian newspaper says he was stopped in Turkey ‘trying to travel to Syria’
  • Security source claims British and Moroccan authorities were warned about him
  • Raises more questions for security services about the Italian got into Britain

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4576578/Third-London-Bridge-attacker-named-Youssef-Zaghba.html#ixzz4jDlb4Eda

Yes, dear, it does raise more than one question: while the Telegraph in the Telegraph View’s section wants the government to tackle all forms of extremism not only violent to prevent violence, it is clear that they aim at freedom of speech and try to put it on Internet while instead and I mark instead  all these terrorists are well known to the Police and secret services, receive fundings by the Tory government to “tackle extremism”, yes of course that what’s written in the official papers to justify the fundings and connections of the secret services and Home Office with the terror cell, no matter how dangerous they try to pict Jeremy Corbyn, Theresa May and Amber Rudd do allow terrorists and jihadis to go and fight in Syria and then come back to the UK and they know what these guys do, and where they live and actually work for the government.

I tell you this, guys: Theresa May is right-wing only at words, she is behaving like the swedish socialists, in the name of anti-racism she allows terrorists fleeing up and down UK-Middle East, the police know them, follow them and when the terror attack happens they put it on facebook and google instead on focusing on the bad work they do in the government’s and MI5’s and MI6’s offices, that are not in Palo Alto. It’s the State get over it: she’s evil, she won’t protect you. Do you believe it’s impossible that the State organizes Terror threats to impose censorship? You better believe it, it’s the Illuminati, dear and they don’t give a damn about you. And even if you don’t want to believe Theresa May behaves like a very nasty M, giving bad orders to the agents, then you should at least admit there is an astonishing high level of incompetence, if it can console you to think they are incompetent and not criminal. Do you believe it’s enough to back “shoot to kill”? No, it isn’t, if you deal with the intelligence work like that…Moreover I tend to believe they are bad much more than incompetent. In both cases they are unfit to hold high offices.

I am a bit discomforted at P.J. Watson, he knows perfectly how dangerous to let Theresa May go on is, but still doe not name UKIP and BNP for a public endorsement.

I told you readers, vote in the order:

  1. BNP;
  2. UKIP;
  3. Corbyn.

And don’t look back in anger. If you can.

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