Please, lock her up – Theresa May – after the Terror attack, she doesn’t want to block mass-immigration and make enquiries into the mosques, that’d be racism, no, she wants “to hold Internet giants to account” . Vote BNP, vote Nuttall, vote Corbyn but do not vote this fucking whore.

Now really, they’ve got it against us. The Internet free writers. On what base what happened in London is Internet Giants’ fault? If I were a Briton I could easily win Bansky’s little prize: I also think she’s unvotable. Tell me, explain to me the logic of her strategy against terrorism: she does not want to block immigration from radicalised muslim areas, like Trump or Paul Nuttall, or Adam Walker – who would shut it down for decades probably – no, that’s racism in her opinion and she’s “appalled” the only thing she can be; then Corbyn who doesn’t put it on immigration is “dangerous” because he’d be a sort of terrorists’ sympathizer, so Corbyn is dangerous and Adam Walker is nasty and Paul Nuttal is racist and she? What’s she? She is the Prime Minister and former Home secretary during whose Governments things went worse and worse and I do not believe she can be trusted any longer for a position of power not even one minute, let alone other four or five years. Four or five years like this and without freedom of speech, can you imagine? The horror.

Katie Hopkins, the bad girl of the Daily Mail, the one who speaks frankly asked her “Would you have the courage to lock the three thousand – three thousand – radicalised muslims living in this country?” the answer is not even “No” Theresa May does not debase herself into such things as giving answers, she makes speeches from upside down, no debate no face to face no answers only “Corbyn is worse than me – who told her? -” and as for UKIP or BNP Milady Teresa doesn’t even name their names for excess of pride: they in her opinion don’t exist, and if they do, they shouldn’t; she hasn’t got even to talk about them, you know. But it is clear that no, she won’t lock the 3.000 radicalised muslims, she won’t make enquiries into the mosques, she want only to shut down facebook’s accounts and put it all on the Internet Giants. Because people don’t become jihadis going up and down Syria and UK the way they like, or in mosques where the Imam is radicalised, that’s nothing, it’s Internet, it’s the Internet Giant they despise more: youtube – or facebook – that lets everybody talk, me included. Thanks, Eric. Now do me a favour, I give you this too:BanskyChildUnionJack

Lock her up! Theresa May. You know how much I am against mass immigration, but this woman is dangerous, I’d vote in the line of preference:

  1. Tough and pure: BNP;
  2. Ok, come on: UKIP;
  3. Corbyn, at least I can talk.

“At the beginning there was the word and the word was near God and the word was God. He was at beginning near God”. Saint John the Evangelist.

In the name of God and Christ don’t let freedom of speech being touched; she doesn’t want to repatriate the dangerous radicalized muslims, doesn’t want to shut radicalised mosques, didn’t want to shut down Sharia tribunals when she was Home Secretary, as Britain First had asked – only to be accused of racism in change -, now she wants to tackle, be careful, not “extremism” but precisely “Internet extremism”. As if it were or it could be Internet’s fault and not the Home Office’s and immigration agency’s and radicalised mosques’ fault, at that point Corbyn is safer than she.

Sadiq, I know it’s not you, I am convinced it is an israeli-Tory government stitch up to tackle freedom of speech and I stick to that. Consider this, my dearest Readers, you who know me, you who know what I am doing against mass immigration…if this woman scares me more than Jeremy Corbyn. And I mean it.

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