What ties us to the SSs.

After being informed by the Jews that we all Europeans plus all the whites in the world and people of european ancestry “must be punished for ‘our’ past, the – fucking – Holocaust” something ties us to the otherwise detestable SSs.

We’re all like Rudolf Hess now. No, we’re not, but. Whatever you think about these guys, the Nazis highest ranking officers, one only thought you cannot miss about them: they’re not blond.

Joseph Goebbels, Rudolf Hess and Adolf Hitler were not blond.

Nazi history is all a scam, the more you rise in the Party the more non blond people and Jews you can find. Up till the Goldman Sachs of the time, the Kuhn Loeb & Co. of Manhattan, the jewish bank that bankrolled Hitler.

And there is another point: if you want to kill the Jews, and you’ve got all these soldiers, and SSs and SAs, why can’t you just shoot them where they are, all the Nazis in a town could shoot the local Jews and bury them there.

No. They had to gather them in concentration camps, build otherwise useless gas chambers for the sake of murdering them, 6 millions, into the gas chambers. And why didn’t they just kill them with guns? From the murderous point of view it’s basically just a loss of time and money, if the point is really to kill them. I am convinced that if KL&Co. payed Hitler it was to deport them, to colonize Israel, they happened to lose the war.

The SSs were blond, they were a genetic example of the race-obsession, but their own leaders weren’t and the Germans weren’t so dumb not to notice it. A german boy once told me, everybody could see Hitler was no aryan according to his own criteria, all the Nazi high ranking officials were not blond, even less super-fit supermen, people used to say “Dear God make me blind if Hitler and Goebbels are aryans” but they had to say it secretly or the Nazis would arrest them. Opinion crime, does it reminds you of something?

The Jews who control the banks, control also the EU unelected part and freemasonry. They bankrolled Hitler, the bastards, and they, through freemasonry impose the sense of guilt towards the jews, that would be inexistent without their press continuously pointing out at it, and the opinion crime about Nazism and the Holocaust.

And people who accepted it, are they not ashamed of anything?

The non blond Nazis, with jewish ancestry and bankrolled by zionist bankers who are the same who impose the opinion crime about pretty much everything and the books of history that don’t say it, it’s you and it’s me, the poor jews must defend themselves from us. You’re scared of Ken Livingstone, aren’t you?

As for the blond obsession of the Nazis, in any case I have to say, I never thought they were the hottest guys, I mean with some exceptions of some blond man that’s really sexy, level David Beckham – I usually, let’s say like this, between River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves I always found hotter Keanu Reeves, also between Cameron and Osborne I always secretly found Osborne much sexier. But I don’t think that was the core of Nazism, or, as Italian men like to say: ” a man is not sexy for that” – meaning the hair color -.


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  1. This is almost incoherent in places, sorry to say. The holocaust fable is used to make the Jews into perpetual victims and distract attention away from the fact that the Jews are the villains with their damned Bolshevism and now, Cultural Marxism. You are quite correct that the Jews control Free Masonry. But, this stuff about the blonde Nordics or Aryans is not important any more. Combat the holocaust lie for what it is – a monstrous lie.


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