Since many Royals are on the side of the Bilderberg and of the invasion and against the Patriots, the Patriots must get rid of them – Video –

It may be difficult for someone to understand it, but many Royals are on the side of the leftists and they even organize the Left. We must get rid of them, of the entire Bilderberg Royals included, maybe Royals for the firsts. You might have noticed that in Britain for example no one helps EDL, BNP, Britain First and even UKIP is treated like pariah… even though it seems astonishing the Royals in many countries stand with the communist Left. Probably they want to get rid of a population they deem “too socialist” too arrogant.

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  1. Figuratively or literally (as to “beheading” them)?


    • It depends very much on what they do. I don’t like to be tricked, not even by them. They must not side with the globalists, or we have to accept they are part of the enemy’s front. Too many Nobel Prizes to communist writers, too many prizes to Lady Gaga, too many Illuminati bit**s at court…


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